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  1. Hey there! I see you are going through Guangzhou too. I got the notice my K-1 file was sent to the consulate. Did you receive anything from the consulate yet? My case shows "ready". Do you know if we can fill out the DS-160, pay the fee, and schedule the interview yet or do we have to wait for another notification? Any help appreciated! Thank you!!


    Ashley & Rob

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    2. lowea034


      Thank you so much again! This is SO helpful BUT, I just got off the phone with the consulate and they said packet 3 would come by email. I was like...are you sure??? I was trying to make sure they had the correct mailing address :( They didn't seem to know what they were talking about. I may have to call back and hope I get someone who can confirm the mailing address.




      Thank you for being so kind :)

    3. ShanghaiSurfer


      We had to wait for Packet 3 to arrive in mail. They send you the I-129 petition with marks on it so that needs to be sent back. Our case went from Ready then AP. When it went to AP it meant they are preparing to send you the Packet 3. So don't panic when it shows AP after a few days. It's a good sign. My fiancé new it was coming when Taobao informed her.


      You can't schedule interview until you get Packet 4. But the good news is they send it by email and we got it only two days after they received our packet 3 response. 


      Here is what packet 4 email will look like:


      U.S. Consulate General

      43 Hua Jiu Road, Zhujiang New Town

      Tianhe District

      Guangzhou, China




      Case Number: GUZ2017xxxx

      Name  (P)  : Xxxxx

      Preference Category: K1 - CHIN

      Your Priority Date : 19 DEC 2016


      Traveling Applicants:

      (P)  Xxxxx                              DOB



      IR, CR, IW, IB, K and SB1 visa applicants


      Important: ALL applicants will need to register directly through our authorized contractorCGI Stanley for visa interviews and passport delivery.  Only those applicants who register through CGI Stanley will be able to receive their passport after their visa has been processed.  Please follow the instructions below to register with CGI Stanley prior to the visa interview.


      Dear Applicant, Petitioner, or Agent of record:

      This office is ready to begin final processing of the immigrant visa applicant(s) named above in this case.  Please follow these steps to schedule and prepare for your visa interview:

      ð       Once you receive this notice, please visit the ustraveldocs.com website and register your chosen delivery location.  If you have already registered, you do not need to register again. Failure to register prior to your visa interview will result in delay of your visa application. 


      ð       Once registered, visit ustraveldocs.com and select “Schedule My Appointment” in the Immigrant Visas section of the website to schedule your visa interview appointment.


      ð       Once you have scheduled your appointment, download the Immigrant Visa Instruction Packet (or K visa Instruction Packet for K visa applicants) and follow the instructions inside it to prepare the necessary documents for your visa interview.  Instruction packets can be found by selecting “Prepare Documents” in the Immigrant Visas section of ustraveldocs.com.


      ·       Before the visa appointment, applicants (except K visa applicants) should check that the status of their previously submitted DS-260 form is “Completed”.  If the status is “Re-opened”, applicants must resubmit the form before coming to interview. Applicants for K visas should check that the status of their previously submitted DS-160 form is “Completed” and resubmit if the status is listed as “Re-opened”.


      ð       All applicants, regardless of age, must complete a medical exam and vaccination(s) with one of our designated panel physicians prior to the visa interview.  (Please refer to the detailed instructions in the instruction packet.) Applicants must bring a copy of this letter with them to their medical exam.


      ð       On the scheduled date and time, the applicant(s) should come to the Consulate with all required documents and a copy of this letter.  Applicants who do not bring a copy of this letter may not be allowed into the consulate for their interview. Please also read about security restrictions at the Consulate that describe what you can and cannot bring with you to your interview.


      Hope this helps. Good luck! You can fill out DS160 now but can't send it until you receive the packet. 

    4. ShanghaiSurfer


      I made one mistake. It was the consulate cover letter that needs to be sent back not the I-129f. Also need to send two pictures, ds-160 confirmation page, and copy of passport. On email I have no idea if some they send by email or mail. I can only tell you our packet 3 was by courier mail and packet 4 was by email.


      My fiancé setup her profile today then the next step was to go to CITIC bank to pay visa then it allows you to book interview date. After interview date booked you can make appointment at hospital as they need your interview confirmation number. Dates as early as May 8th were available for interview. Good luck. If you don't receive by email I'm sure you will get it by courier.