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  1. Hi Ghanaba2018, I don't believe your medical can technically expire, as they have already approved your case. My finance had to get further shots from a civil surgeon here in the USA, once he came, because his medical was incomplete. Also, they never gave him the form with the proof of the medical, so once he was here and we were married and had to file for the I-485 (adjustment of status), we just referenced the date of his physical and provide paperwork from the civil surgeon as to the additional shots he was given here in the USA. At worst, they may have had us retake a physical (via a Request for Information during that adjustment of status paperwork process). This is why I'm saying that I don't think your physical can 'expire' once they've approved your visa. Of course I don't know the exact details of your situation and don't want to give you any incorrect information, so you may want to post questions on that piece in an area of the forum about the physical to be sure. But hopefully it won't be an issue at all for you. As for the wait you are going through, I'm so very sorry to hear!! It was really hard on us, too. It too 56 days, I believe, to get my fiance's passport back, after I contacted my local congressman's office and wrote the letter to them with evidence (see my previous post); they were able to make direct contact with the consulate and get the process moving (I've written about this on our timeline, too). You can try to go that route, and you may get answers. I think the situation with immigration under our current president is causing all these delays, unfortunately. But you have been approved with a 221g, so that is the good news. If something were wrong with your application, it would have gone into AP. I hope you can get some answers very very soon! Good luck to you!!