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  1. Anyone with a YSC (Potomac) case number ever got an update or may have the know-how on when we can expect more movement? Mine is on “Case was Received” since September 11th 2019. It never updated with the biometrics ive done after that period either.
  2. Thanks for the responses everyone! I will definitely (and lucky that i can) start filing in the next few weeks, going the online route. Since my i751 is pending for YSC center and that seems to be taking forever. I appreciate you all.
  3. Sounds like we’re in the same boat. Wonder how many folks could weigh in still on this topic. Best of luck with filing, happy to know we’re lucky enough to have the old filing fees. do you plan on filing “online” vs paper filing?
  4. You are a lifesaver. Panic didnt allow me to quickly research this so i appreciate your response. Now, with my I-751 still pending on Case Was Received (YSC center) and already did Biometrics for them. is it okay to file that N400 or would it create potential issues?
  5. I am a LPR since 11/1/2017. I have been married since 09/2016. I filed my ROC i-751 in September of 2019 and is still in process without any new updates. My question is: Do i meet the criteria for Naturalization N400 and can i submit this with a I-751 still pending (which will be approved anyways) ? I am married for more than 3 years. My LPR is worrying me, should i have to wait until 11/1/2020 (3 years of GC holder) ? Obviously i am trying to avoid the higher fees that take effect on October 2nd 2020. Any advice is more than welcome. I’m just stuck on the wording on the USCIS website
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