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  1. I haven't made any changes to the forms since I received my green card a year ago so they might be out-of-date but here ya go anyway 😁 I-765_cover_letter.doc I-131_cover_letter.doc I-485_cover_letter.doc
  2. Keep calm. You will do fine. Best of luck to you!!!
  3. I just checked my approval, the I-797, and yes, that is his A(lien) number. On the visa, it is written right next to the picture, on the bottom left, under Annotation. If it is not there, don't worry, since you already found it on the I-797.
  4. Sorry to hear that. You can check the processing times for your local office online.
  5. The A number (Alien number) is on the K-1 visa posted on your husband's passport and on the I-797 NOA receipts and approval for the I-129F petition. You don't need an USCIS ELIS number. It is the Advanced Parole. I don't know what question exactly you are talking about. You should check c(9) if available as to indicate that you are filing AP as part of a pending AOS. If it is the second question you are referring to, I checked my file and I put down "1d which is "I am applying for advanced parole to allow me to return to the US after temporary foreign travel" He is not yet a permanent conditional resident.
  6. Not using the combo card would not change the fact that she has applied for AOS and is no longer an international student on an F-1 visa. She already has it, it is in the system. She can leave the country and come back using AP.
  7. I will reply anyway if you don't mind haha Since you have the EAD/AP card, you can leave the country and come back again, using the AP. You should also definitely be able to continue your studies, you should talk to your international student counselor or your dean. You are not out-of-status or illegal but unfortunately you don't have an official status either until you get your permanent resident status with the green card.
  8. Right now EAD/AP processing is taking 4 to 6 months. I waited for five and a half months and never got them -got my green card instead.
  9. On what basis did you apply for a green card? National interest waiver? Marriage?
  10. You can divorce her, and then apply to remove the conditions on your green card with a divorce waiver. Gather all bona fide marriage evidence you can before you get the divorce, such as joint bank statements, joint lease, joint car title etc. to provide for the removal of conditions. But you say you have "nothing, no insurance, no money, no car, no driver's license, no friend, even no place to live soon", do you really want to stay here?
  11. You're welcome Honestly, I don't think 8 months is a long time to wait for AOS, it is said that it can take up to a year or even more. On the other hand, with the backlog and everything, I would still contact my congress people to speed things along. Even if they say "keep waiting", they will have contacted USCIS and then USCIS knows you have a representative tracking things for you, too, you would be keeping on top of things. It could give them a nudge and help things along.
  12. The medical should be valid when you apply for AOS. Doesn't matter how long AOS takes after that (although they may ask for a new one if it has been a very long time). Contact all and see who is most responsive and willing to advocate for you. They should have an online form on their websites.
  13. Sorry it's taking me so long to answer your question. My husband was in the same boat actually, he was in grad school in previous years and only making enough for sponsorship this last year and this year. It was not a problem, we did not need a joint sponsor. So I don't know about joint sponsors.
  14. It's not ideal, since they do ask for black ink, but I don't think it would be an issue.
  15. Just wanted to give you an idea of the timeline. They should work then. Good luck with everything!