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  1. Hi Rhemalove...is there a protocol or specifics on scheduling an in-person InfoPass appointment? Has anyone reading this from Seattle ever scheduled an InfoPass appointment? I just want to make sure our application is still in the system. So crazy.
  2. Today would be 1 year exactly when my wife and I received her NOA1 for her AOS, EAD, AP applications. We had her biometrics completed last year on 9/19/2017. We never thought it would take over a year to complete this process. We still have no word on my wife's AOS status. We filed for an EAD/AP combo card renewal, just in case it goes past 11/20/2017 - The day our original EAD/AP combo card was approved. Just wanted to catch up with everyone whose AOS applications are processing from the Seattle service center, and see if you guys have had any good news or updates as. I hope all are doing well...
  3. I think I found the answer to my own question:
  4. Hey All...Quick question: My wife completed her biometrics back in Sept 2017 and received her EAD/AP combo card in early November 2017. Since the EAD/AP combo card is only good for 1 year, how far in advance should we consider applying for a new/extended EAD/AP combo card if we don't hear anything regarding her AOS? Thanks in advance everyone, and good luck and speed to us all...
  5. @Rhemalove - Its been a couple months since posting. Have you had any update on your case from the Seattle office? None on my end.
  6. @Rhemalove - Any word on your case from the Seattle office? None yet on my end.
  7. My wife and I made a call recently inquiring about our AOS application. The rep said we're still with-in the normal processing time frame yadda yadda yadda. She basically told us the same limited information that is found on the USCIS website. She was rather quick to hang up the phone on us too. I imagine thousands of people call everyday with the same questions. Patience is very much a virtue in the immigration waiting game!
  8. KimchiLumpia

    Travel after K1 approval

    A good rule of thumb when it comes to immigration/K1 Visas: Don't buy your airline tickets, book your wedding hall, or make any major wedding or financial decisions until your Visa is in-hand. This goes for EAD/AP as well. There are tons of horror stories on VJ from couples that tried to cement plans based on the timelines of members here. Good luck to you and yours!
  9. OP...my wife and I have a very similar timeline to yours. My wife (fiance at the time) is from Canada, our field office is in Seattle, and we are waiting for our AOS interview as well. It looks like you and your fiance had your biometrics completed about 3 weeks ahead of us. Many times I worry that the USCIS lost our file or mailed us important correspondence that the post office has misplaced. I find hope seeing my wife and I are not the only ones still waiting. Good luck to us all...I'll be following this thread hoping you get your good news!
  10. KimchiLumpia

    K-1 Visa Interview Question!

    This is correct. In our situation, the only days available for K1 Visa interview was on Wednesdays. If you haven't already, make sure to read the Montreal consulate reviews section here on VJ: http://www.visajourney.com/reviews/index.php?cnty=Canada VJ members have posted their interview experiences, the questions they were asked, and over-all impression of the whole interview process. My review was posted there sometime around April 2017. Good luck to you and yours!
  11. My Canadian wife felt exactly the same way! We waited 4 months for her EAD. She's a career oriented woman, and it drove her crazy not being able to work for 4 months. This would be one of the biggest drawbacks of the K1 Visa route. If I'm not mistaken, CR1 holders can work right away as soon as they arrive in the states? If so, this is a huge benefit both financially for a couple as well as mentally.
  12. Everything above, as well to say - My Canadian wife (fiance at the time) went to her local RCMP in Vancouver BC requesting her police certificate for immigration. Three staff members at the RCMP had no idea what she was requesting. Luckily, a friend that had gone through the K1 Visa immigration process a few months prior texted my wife a picture of what the police certificate for immigration looks like. An RCMP supervisor saw the image, and knew right away what we were requesting. We got her police certificate with-in a few minutes. I've attached a picture of what the police certificate header looks like below. Hope this helps!
  13. As others have stated, most likely - your fiance can still attend the interview and get an approval on the condition the Canadian consulate receives an updated police certificate. It would be like getting a RFE, then getting everything cleared once the evidence is received. If it were my fiance, I'd ask them to go to their local RCMP station and see if they can request an updated police certificate for immigration purposes - regardless if my fiance had a prior criminal record or not. My Canadian wife (fiance at the time) was able to get her police certificate for immigration purposes at her local RCMP the same day - granted she did not have a prior criminal record. The police certificate for immigration has the header as the image I attached below. The reason I attached this image, is because some RCMP staff have no idea what a police certificate for immigration was. Once a supervisor saw this header, he knew exactly what were requesting and how to get it quickly. Its worth a shot. Good luck to you and your fiance!