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  1. @Kai G. Llewellyn - You are awesome!! The info you provided was the insight I was looking for. Members like you are what makes the VJ community the best. I see you are from WA State as well. I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe from all the crazy weather and flooding we've been having the past few days.
  2. Ahhh....I see...thanks for the clarification. If we moved to Canada, we would not be returning to the US. So, the commuter status doesn't apply to our situation. My main concern would be the ability to immigrate to Canada, live in Canada, but work in the US. I wanted to know if this even allowed, and if so, what considerations should I expect: ie filing taxes, working visas, etc.
  3. Hey Kai... I appreciate the response. Unfortunately, I believe you misunderstand what I am asking. My wife (Canadian Citizen/10 year GC holder) and myself (US Citizen) currently live in the US. We completed the K1 Visa/AOS/ROC. We would like to move to Canada in 3-4 years, thus, my Canadian Citizen wife would be sponsoring myself for permanent residency in Canada. Hoping immigration goes well, my wife would work in Canada....but for me, I would like to work in the US. My question - Was there anyone on VJ that has experience with this scenario? Hope this helps!
  4. @TBoneTX!!! I've been a fan of your posts and humor through our "Visa Journey"....yea..I'll keep the faith. This site and the members here have been a true blessing! I appreciate mods like you that keep VJ running smoothly!
  5. Not sure if my post will get a lot of responses.....so does anywhere here know of a forum/group/website for US citizens that have or plan to immigrate to Canada? Maybe I'll get better response there. Thanks!
  6. Hello All, My wife (Canadian citizen) and I (US citizen) live in a suburb of Seattle, which is only about a 2.5 hour drive to the Canadian border. My wife is from Vancouver BC, and we completed her immigration to the US via K1 Visa/Marriage/ROC over the past 4 years....she currently holds her 10 year GC. We've considered moving to Langley BC in the next 3-4 years, with me going through whatever proper channels to immigrate to Canada. Was curious if any of the members here have any personal or 2nd hand experiences of a US citizen spouse immigrating to Canada, but continuing to work in the US. I understand we are in Covid times, but prior to the pandemic, has anyone here immigrated to a Canadian border city to live, but crossed the border to commute to work in-person for a US business? What were your inputs, thoughts, experiences? Thanks all in advance.
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