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  1. Hey, Is there any other way to retrieve irs transcripts at this moment? The website has been ''unavailable due to system maintenance.''? Thanks!
  2. Hey, So we got our NOA2 and now it's time to fill out the i-134 and gather evidence for it. I do have a few questions that need answering as me and my fiancé will be having a co-sponsor. I've tried to find information on this and there are so many different answers to these questions. Thank you to anyone who answers! 1.) Do we need ''a ) Statement from an officer of the bank/financial institution with your deposits'' if the co-sponsor and sponsor are employed by a company and not self-employed? 2.) Does the co-sponsor have to fill out a i-134 OR a i-864, or the primary sponsor fills out i-134 and the co-sponsor the i-864? 3.) How many previous pay-stubs do we need to show, 2, 3, 6? Answers to these vary... 4.) Also can the sponsors take COPIES of the pay-stubs or do we need to show the originals? 5.) Same for w2, how many of those do we need, just the previous year or 3? Can it be a photocopy as well or does it need to be an original? 6.) As the co-sponsor will be the my fiancés mom, who is married but doesn't claim her husband or her taxes and they file them separately, would her household size still be considered her and her husband, or just her? Thank you again!!!
  3. WE GOT APPROVED! l a s t m o n t h........... We never got a notification through email or an update on the site (what we were counting on as my fiance was traveling in Europe with me) but he finally got home yesterday and lo and behold! OUR NOA2! 🤯 all that worrying for a month! nevertheless *clink clink* we are happy (now time to scramble and get all the papers together again...)
  4. NOA 1 January 9... still... waiting.... no clue why this process has to be t h i s nerve wracking
  5. Awwe that's sweet, I guess we'll just continue waiting and hopefully wake up to an approval soon
  6. Where do you see day to day approvals? Is there some kind of a website for it? Thank you!
  7. I'm slowly losing my mind with the waiting and getting paranoid, do any of you know if they only send out a RFE through mail or notify of it through text/email as well?
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