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  1. After a long month I finally have the visa in hand. All I expect the delay was, was me being put to the back of the line after my medical not being there on the day. They will get to it eventually and as soon as they do the process takes a few days at most, I booked my flight before getting the visa (this isn't advised) but I managed to get it when they said they would deliver it (today) and everything is good. So I'm on my way Jan 4th, thanks for all the help in this forum!
  2. DeclanW

    221(g) for missing medical

    Very nice, I'm just waiting on the delivery email now. First workday back for them
  3. Issued today around 11am. I'm so relieved after that huge feeling of being trapped in limbo. If your case is behind or slower than they said it would be, best to assume they have a backlog but I'm sure they get to them all.
  4. Exactly the same situation, this means it's finally getting done
  5. Can't help the worrying but I'm glad it was all in my head
  6. 15 working days later it's changed to nonimmigrant and I'm in administrative processing
  7. The W2 was actually the only thing they took from me
  8. DeclanW

    221(g) for missing medical

    When I got an email to confirm they received my medical case they never specifically said it was now under review with a consular officer. Just that I can expect to be contacted once processing is complete. It's so strange to me
  9. Nothing yesterday and nothing so far today.
  10. DeclanW

    221(g) for missing medical

    I've heard others haven't gotten it before. My case just seems in limbo so I'm looking for everything
  11. DeclanW

    221(g) for missing medical

    I don't get why you get the 221(g) but I don't for the exact same thing, I even had my medical on a Thursday 11 days before my interview on a Monday. Just wondering because my case is in a perpetual state or "ready"
  12. Had a recent update today with no email response. Could be them looking at my case due to the email and not replying though which I think has happened before. I'm hoping it's more them finally getting onto it though.
  13. DeclanW

    Scheduling Medical and Interview days apart

    I think just knowing that they put less priority into cases without the medical present on interview day is something to consider in my personal case.
  14. DeclanW

    Scheduling Medical and Interview days apart

    This is basically all I've been looking for to explain my complete lack of updates
  15. Having ready with bare updates is just annoying. But spending months in AP is something else.