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  1. Who knows anyone that interviewed from July or August of this year? What are they asking for and telling them after they interviewed?
  2. I’m glad a thread was created for travel ban cases. I am currently waiting for an interview for my spouse in Malaysia. I haven’t heard any new news for cases interviewed after the ban was ruled. If anything is new, I will be updating this thread.
  3. This is good news. Inshallah easier and faster process for everyone
  4. The friends and family that got the waiver for the visa were a spouse and children. Close family ties
  5. I haven’t been through that step yet. Everything is so new. I think we are all confused with what will happened and what we should do and how we should do it with the waiver process. I believe u read under NVC that a consular officer will let the person being interviewed know that they are or not eligible for a waiver. You can not get a visa without a waiver. So I believe after the interview that’s when they will tell you. I don’t know I’m not sure.
  6. May 9th I sent in all the supporting and financial documents.
  7. I sent my husband case to NvC on May 9 and it was case complete on June 14 and NVC sent me an email for awaiting an interview in Malaysia. I been reading that they been giving out visas for close family ties. I know a few Yemeni families who got their visa after the ruling.
  8. Thoughts on today’s oral arguments at Supreme Court??
  9. I have a question. NVC emailed me today to choose an embassy for my husband to be interviewed. What do you think is faster, Djibouti or Malaysia?
  10. So how can we apply for a waiver?
  11. Does anyone know anyone who has gotten their visa or traveled after October 18
  12. I filed for a petition for my spouse from Yemen with uscis in oct 2016 It is currently pending additional review. Has anyone from Yemen gotten an interview or approval since the whole travel ban ?