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  1. I have been following darchini vs pompeo, this is an interesting find by darchinis lawyer. https://mobile.twitter.com/curtisatlaw?lang=en
  2. Sorry i didn't see the other source you mentioned, There timeline shows they were on AP for 6 months. https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/profile.php?id=213985, Also iv case number on a greencard determines when a case was created.
  3. If you click on the link you provided us with https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-statistics/immigrant-visa-statistics/monthly-immigrant-visa-issuances.html This is what you see first Monthly Immigrant Visa Issuance Statistics The reports below contain preliminary data which are subject to change. Any changes would not be statistically significant. Salhasl this picture is from an instagram account of a lawyer/agent trying to get clients to hire her/him, not a valid source, It shows its fx1 (spouse of a permanent resident), it does not show the dates so again i don't believe it.
  4. This is why i mentioned earlier your fatcs/ analysis/calculations... are speculations what you are getting from this link: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-statistics/immigrant-visa-statistics/monthly-immigrant-visa-issuances.html are what embassies report. If embassy receives your document before 2 years they report cr1 being on ap for 3 years wont change that, they will still report cr1. POI officer decides the category of the green card. Once you are approved (for a spousal visa) you have 6 months to enter the states so lets say you get your petition approved in a year and 7 months and you enter the sates 2 years and 1 month into your marriage your visa category now is IR1 not CR1 but the embassy has reported cr1. So your analysis are misleading and incorrect.
  5. Firsthand accounts from multiple people you know hmm, if its true i know they are grateful, there case was different than you me and everyone else here, Yes i know of several immigration lawyers in los angeles and a few in iran, with there clients approval i get in touch with them and they share with me who gets there visa and who doesn't, the image below was from a person who interviewed late august, she mentioned only 2 students got visas the rest refused or AP.
  6. There are a few agencies in tehran that deliver passports to embassies in ankara, yerevan and Abu dhabi, Iranians here should be familiar with them, the best one being nilgam, Based on my research no visas were issued for people who interviewed in the past 3 months ( Iranian citizens ) i have read your past post and i believe most of your facts are based on speculation’s. I really hope what you are saying about the people you personally know who interviewed last month and got there visas are true but i tend not to believe anything unless i see it😬.
  7. Its obvious they are issuing visas to people who interview’d in 2018, the stats they are posting are visas issued in july. We know MANY MANY people who were interviewed this year and non have had there visas issued. has anyone here who interviewed in 2019 got there visas?
  8. My spouse (iranian ctzn) was interviewed end of June in yerevan, was put on AP. Interview took about 3 min. The officer requested more documents to be submitted. we called the embassy 1 month after the interview and were told to mail the missing documents along with the passport. The same day they received the documents they released the passport. I have been following this group for a while and finally decided to join🙏
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