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  1. Hello all, my fiancée has passed her interview in Manila in March. Due to covid visa processing was placed she has not yet received her visa. Her flight is in august. Just wondering if she doesn’t get her visa in time and or flights are not yet in motion, what are the stipulations in place for extending her visa? I’ve heard she may need to resubmit documents or even redo the interview. I’ve emailed the embassy and their answers are not too detailed. I’m wondering if anyone has experienced this especially recently. All advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Thanks for the heads up! I actually like the airport there! that’s good to know! If you don’t mind me asking was this recent? I’m trying to find any feedback from k1 beneficiaries who just arrived, if they are told to quarantine or things like that
  3. Good eye! that’s the flight I was aiming for! However they don’t seem to be offering free rebooking if she doesn’t get her visa in time, Cathay was my next bet but their flight layover through Hong Kong, which is closed for transiting at the moment.. delta has a flight straight from s. Korea to jfk. I might have to go with that
  4. He did for 60 days that is true, however I read k1 visa were exempt from the ban. She passed her k1 March 12, visa was to be sent within two to four weeks however they locked down Manila the next day as she flew out of the capital. So just waiting on her visa to arrive she has until aug 27. Hoping for the best
  5. We’ll that’s good, hopefully things settle down soon and we’ll all be able to travel worry free, congrats to you both! Perfect! I hope soon I’ll be able to go through the same process!
  6. Thank you! I was thinking the same thing, I would rather her just fly direct into jfk and face any necessary examinations there
  7. Hello Dave, thank you for your reply! Just asking because I didn’t know if she would face more examination upon entering and I would rather have her come from mnl direct to jfk in one shot. Things here may be different in Connecticut, but any stipulations for you and fiancée upon her arrival in terms of required quarantine? Thank you!
  8. Thank you! Let’s say for example she has a three hour layover to nyc, but her port of entry happens to be her layover stop (Atlanta for example), will she face a lengthy wait and possibly miss her connecting flight?
  9. Hello all, My fiancée has her k1 approved and waiting for visa to arrive by mail hopefully soon. Trying to research flights from Manila to jfk, some of which have layovers in Detroit, Seattle, etc. Her scheduled point of entry is jfk so I’m wondering if any layovers in the USA would present any problems. Thank you
  10. Hello all, my Fiancée will be taking her interview next month in Manila, and have a question about questions 8a and 8b on the form. I’ve seen many posts about not bothering to fill out any assets if my annual income is above the poverty limit. My income is well above the required amount, however I feel nervous leaving anything blank in such an important step in my fiancées chances of passing the interview. I have a mortgage with a good value however I have a remaining balance of 63,000 on the home.. I just don’t know if this type of information will hurt or help my situation. Thank you for any feedback in advance.
  11. Thank you so much! This is a big help!! 👍👍👍
  12. Hello from U.S.A.! I have recently sent my I-129f and it is now in process after receiving my NOA1. It will just be my fiancee (from Philippines) and I, and I make well above the guidelines for 2 individuals set in place from the U.S. Government, as well a large amount that can entered in stocks and bonds category. Aside from the annual earnings, how much does the the embassy favor to see in terms of checking and savings?
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