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  1. That's not the question I asked, but thanks anyway. 🙂
  2. of course, of course, you do what you want. I'm done with this topic. 😎
  3. It's the politics in our everyday discourse that annoys the hell out of me, including people's urge to push their political views on this particular site, which was clearly created for a different purpose altogether. That's what I'm responding to. Is it too much to ask people to have enough decency and commons sense to, again, not put their political views front and center in anything they say? (Another rhetorical question).
  4. Once again, you are politicizing EVERY DAMN THING. That's the only real problem. You are simply unable to step outside of politics and see issues as they really are. And that's exactly what enemies of this country (Putin, etc.) want.
  5. This is where you're wrong. What you see as a shake-up is a in fact an extremely dysfunctional federal government. There's not a single federal agency doing its job properly, if at all. (I dare you to argue with that on this forum 🙂 !) We clearly see a crisis on the highest levels of this government. This has a direct correlation to the fact that neither major party was able to put forward a viable candidate in 2016, and neither party is on the path of doing again in 2020. Economy is important, but not everything. Two days ago, half of Dayton, OH (i.e., close to home), got destroyed by tornadoes. Are we going to do something about it or offer "thoughts and prayers" (= roll over and f-ing die)? Thousands of people are dying from gun violence in this country. Are we going to do something about it or offer "thoughts and prayers" (= roll over and f-ing die)? And this list of issues goes on. Instead of politicizing them, why don't have a government that works on solutions? (A rhetorical question, of course, in this environment).
  6. Who you voted for is not the point. The point is that "your kind" is dividing people into "sides" and qualifies shameless name-calling as "political debate" (whatever the hell this means). Transgressions belong in religion, not civil discourse. It's not about "winning" or "losing". Nobody wins when Donald "grab-them-by-the-#####" is in the White House.
  7. You just can't help it, can you? Mr. Putin will have another field day with your kind during the next election cycle.
  8. You need to relax and stop dragging your politics into every blessed hole on this planet. Your ability to shamelessly insult anybody who you see as an "enemy" perfectly aligns you with your Dear Leader. You are adults, get a hold of yourself.
  9. An inside joke of the VisaJourney elite? I see. Oh, and a skillfully veiled threat. Very clever! 👍
  10. Sorry, dude, this is too high brow for me. I'm just enjoying all the circus.
  11. Ah, don't worry, I'm just picking on you, mate. And about "believe", I totally agree with you. It's absolutely a religion. The Cult of The Great Orange Ape...
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