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  1. The petitioner's income has been above poverty level for all of 2017, as well as 2014 and 2015, so that's what we've been basing it on. We attached 2017 pay stubs and an employment verification letter when originally submitting the I-485, but didn't give explanation when filing about why 2016 was low. We will include the petitioner's bank statements for the past 12 months when we provide additional evidence, which is what they ask for in the request for initial evidence.. these statements will show deposits that are above poverty level, when all totaled together. We hope that will help. Employee of a company since the beginning of 2017. We submitted an employment verification letter and some pay stubs. We're going to include bank statements for the past 12 months for when we give additional evidence, and will give 2014 and 2015 tax returns, to show that the petitioner's income has always been way above poverty level (except for in 2016).
  2. bad update.. Received RFIE letter in the mail today.
  3. Received RFIE letter in the mail today. Similar to this letter We believe we got this because the 2016 tax return income was only $10,000, due to unemployment for some of the year because of attending school. We did not explain that in the package. Since the beginning of 2017, the annual income is now over $30,000. We are now collecting everything and writing a letter to explain the 2016 situation. Any suggesting or tips?
  4. Maybe a week to a month depending on your area (Local Office). I received the letter today after 13 days from NOA texts.
  5. You're welcome. In my case it was simple because I went in for a renewal, due to that I had a US license before .. it was just filling a form and taking my picture. It cost me $25.75 for a renewal. In your case being in Florida.. a new driver license costs $48 and the process will take a bit longer because you will take a 50 questions (multiple choice) writing exam after you provide them your documents.. After you pass the writing exam, they might schedule you an appointment for the driving test, or you might have to make one. Be aware that failing the writing exam will cost $10 to re-take and failing the driving test is $20 fee to re-take it (as it states here: https://www.flhsmv.gov/fees/). Best advice is to study well. Bonus: The writing exam questions will be based on information found in here: http://www.flhsmv.gov/handbooks/EnglishDriverHandbook.pdf
  6. Here in Ohio I only needed my passport, I94, social security number, AOS NOA and proof of residential. Also if you have your name changed then take your marriage certificate with you. Even though every state is different some similar, you need to check Florida DMV website.. just in case I missed something. https://www.flhsmv.gov/driver-licenses-id-cards/what-to-bring/immigrant/
  7. No i have not. I filed for a K1 visa "I-129F" before, as the timeline in my signature. Now i'm filing for adjustments of status "I-485" along with employment authorization document "I-765".
  8. Checking-in,, Today I have received NOA hard copy. Hope for you all to have a fast and smooth process. Timeline~ Oct/07/17.... AOS mailed to Chicago, IL. Oct/09/17....Delivered at Chicago Lockbox - USPS. Oct/10/17....Package Received. Oct/13/17....NOA1 Text and Email. Case sent to MSC. (3 Days) Oct/19/17....NOA1 Hard Copy Received. (9 Days)
  9. Hello I have an expired Ohio driver license from when I was on F1 visa. it did expired 4 months ago and read that "A driver license that is current or expired less than six months can be renewed" but! my question is can I renew it with my K1 visa now ? or do I need to have my Green Card or EAD ?