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  1. Hi! Did you end up traveling on your advance parole? Were there any issues? Am in same spot as you so would love to know! Thanks

  2. Hello people, Thank you in advance for your responses. I came to America in June 2016 on my tourist visa which expired after 6 months in Dec 2016, I married my husband in November 2016 but we did not file concurrent AOS until April 2017, the forms were initially rejected due to them being expired so once we sent everything back it was May 2017 and they were received with no problems. I have since been granted my combo card and would really like to travel back home for maybe two weeks to help assist with my dad. I am very nervous as I did overstay I think a little over 130 days seeing that my i94 expired in dec 2016 and I didn't file and have my forms received until May 2017. Kindly advise if this is a good idea, I haven't been home in about a year and my brother has been taking care of my father and could really use some relief. What can I possibly be faced with when it's time to return to the US to my husband. I hope to buy a one way ticket and then buy another one way ticket when I am returning, will this be another issue? Thank you so much for your assistance.