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  1. I-751 Package sent out on July 10th via Fedex. I-751 Received by USCIS on July 11th I-751 Check Cashed on July 23rd NOA Received on July 23rd Should take roughly the same amount of days for everyone. Good luck.
  2. I am in the process of working on the I-751 as well. The way I am approaching it is anything more meaningful like the actual I-751, Copies of Identification, etc are all single sided printed. Anything with tons of pages like bank statements, tax return docs, photo proofs, etc, I am printing double sided. When I did the Adjustment of status and K1, I did it in this way as well. The quality of the documents you provide speaks more than the quantity. I don't actually think they scan anything. From my general observation from our Adjustment of status, they simply take all the pages they need out and add it the primary folder that's under file.
  3. I didn't retake the test because I wasn't doing a renewal. I was just doing address change and request for RealID. For my wife, they were processing it like a renewal and was going to make her take test again, but I stopped them and said it wasn't a renewal because her license wasn't set to expire until 2021.
  4. My wife and I just updated our California Driver License to change our address and to have the Real ID label on this driver license (This needs to be done by 2020 so you can travel within the United States). Since you are close to Renewal, you should make an appointment with DMV to renew your license (cost 35$), this in turn should automatically set you up with the new Real ID label on your Driver license. Make note that they may require you to retake the test. I'm sure you've already visited this site https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv/detail/realid If you do happen to move, you will have to make an appointment with DMV again and make a change to DL ($28) with your new address. They do not take your old driver license, they may punch a hole in it. They will print out a temporary paper license and your permanent license should be sent out within a few weeks. Hope that helps.
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