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  1. The 330 day test is for any period up to the date your spouse left Canada. So for example, if he came to the US of August 1, 2017 they could use the period of August 2nd 2016 - August 1, 2017 to qualify for the 330 days. It does not have to be a full tax year, but it has to be within the last tax year and should cover a period of at least 330 days going back. In my case the foreign tax credit exclusion was more beneficial (I ended up goign TurboTax Deluxe). Try both options and see what's best. Excluding income will not eliminate the tax burden entirely, but reduce it significantly.
  2. Hi everyone, I just filed our US taxes and am waiting to be able to file the Canadian taxes. It seems that this year I will be receiving a refund from the Canadian government of approximately 700$ CAD. Is this refund considered income for the next year's season (I used form 1116 to take a tax credit since it was more beneficial than form 2555 on our US tax and subtracted the anticipated refund amount from the taxes paid that I was claiming). Thank you
  3. Also , I should add - our case statuses online did not update at all. the I-485 still sits at "interview is scheduled".
  4. Wow, that sounds straight up excruciating. Just a quick update: much to our surprise we received our approval letter on December 18th (with the approval letter dated December 13th) and then even much more to our surprise our green card today, December 21st. I am beyond relieved and wish everyone else going through the worries and anxiety of this process as much patience and positivity as there is. Sometimes, good things happen.
  5. Thank you. I am really hopping this won't set back the whole things by 3 months... but given how timelines are moving and the upcoming Christmas holiday shutdowns, I'm really not expecting any miracles.
  6. Hello everyone, We had our interview yesterday and all in all it went quick and seemingly well. The officer asked us some basic questions about our relationship, was interested in seeing only basic proof (didn't even look through our photo album and such). At then end however, he mentioned that the K1 file wasn't sent in together with the AOS file (apparently they should be coming in as a nice big bundle). They said that they will request it and it will take ~ 30 days to receive that from the MSC (in Missouri) plus another 60 days after that for a decision to be made - so another 90 days in total. Did anyone have this sort of situation before? Everything I've searched usually turns up situations with USCIS acknowledging lost files or portions of it, but not forgetting to send the K1 portion. Any sharing of your experience would be appreciated. Thank you
  7. Best of luck for tom 👍

  8. Hi everyone. So we got an interview notice yesterday, October 26th. It's scheduled for November 28th and our online status only updated today. Well, as much as I was hoping that the letter from USCSIS was an approval notice, this is still good news. Time to get to paperwork collection again.
  9. sv3tka

    The Canuck EI Thread

    I did forget about that... benefits only with EAD in hand. I think you are right in this case.
  10. sv3tka

    The Canuck EI Thread

    That's fair enough - but wasn't there also a clause that if you apply later it's not a 100% denial? I thought there is still a chance? I would still try to apply - worst that happens, you get denied. Plus the folks in the interstate office are super helpful and responsive - so the con's are definitely less than the pro's.
  11. sv3tka

    is it normal for my case

    The Canada Post email did have a link to the tracking and the tracking number itself.A few hours prior to the Canada Post email, there was an email from the consulate with the tracking number as well informing that the document was sent out. Between the two - yes, there was enough information. For me it took a bit less than a week. The site you suggested - is that the one where you where able to pay the visa fees and such? If so, that was going to be my next suggestion to check for updates.
  12. sv3tka

    is it normal for my case

    Don't they use Canada Post (if the option for courier delivery to home was selected)? Otherwise it would be delivered to the nearest Canada Post distribution center and the applicant would have to pick it up. I'm looking through my emails and I also received an email from Canada Post notifying me that a tracking number is available: " You are receiving this email at the request of CSRA Montreal U S Consulate G NIV Sectio to provide you with updates on the progress of this shipment." Although I do not know if they are generated regardless of the home delivery option or not.
  13. Congrats! A happy ending to what seems was a horrible situation.
  14. Sorry indeed, hopefully things work out better in the future. As far as it being considered abandoned, I do not believe that is an automatic abandonment. The marriage needs to be annulled plus USCIS needs to be informed somehow. What would happen otherwise is the paperwork would continue to be processed and denied based on no further response from the applicant/sponsor.
  15. Congratulations! Things are good and moving for us March filers