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  1. Gotcha, thanks! Now I'm entirely curious, how would one go about having the acta apostilled in the US?
  2. Alright so just to be clear, it is absolutely not required to apostille the acta? I know the translation is 100% required, but I just need that question cleared up, thanks!
  3. Ah, I know it still has to be translated, thank you! But I was asking about where @andreaam mentioned that these documents don't need to be apostilled!
  4. Oh my God, thank you so much for this good news!! Can you please send me the link on the USCIS website where it says that all foreign documents don't need to be apostilled or have a sworn translation?
  5. Hello all! I have a bit of a dilemma. My fiance got his visa approved and he is now in the US with me, he arrived here two days ago. The problem is, his acta de nacimiento was not apostilled and translated while he was in Argentina because we both didn't know that was required and the real kicker is that he has no family in Buenos Aires to say, send it to and have them do it for him. So what has to be done for his acta? I hope someone can help me because we're both freaking out about this and our wedding is in less than two weeks.
  6. Ah thank you very much for your answer! I'm asking because at my fiancé's interview, they approved him but said that they needed a fix on his acta which we would have to deliver to the embassy before they issued the visa. A few days after that, his visa got issued and is now ready for pickup but I am still under the impression that he has to get the fixed acta as the error that was fixed is something that could cause problems in future filing. So now my question is, when he delivers the fixed acta to the embassy, will and if so how will they get the fixed acta back to him?
  7. @andreaam Hey there! Would you be able to answer this question by chance?
  8. Hey @Fernanda R Sanz! When you gave your acta de nacimiento and then your visa was issued, did they return your original acta de nacimiento when you picked up your passport with the visa at the ASC? Or do they never give you back your original acta de nacimiento once it's given to the embassy?
  9. Hello all, my beneficiary went through the process of obtaining his police certificate from a municipal branch in his city. He asked for the "excepcion de articulo 51" to be added when he appeared in person and two days later, received the certificate to print through his email. He took the printed certificate to the same police branch he held the appointment at and asked where exactly the annotation was added or how would he know it was added and all they had to answer was that they did not know. Now, I know that the "con excepción al artículo 51 del código penal" is very important to this document but I wanted to ask those who have obtained this document, how do you know the above annotation is added to the police certificate you obtained? I am in dire need of assistance since the municipal branch seems to be of no help.
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