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  1. Curious if anyone on this thread is from New Orleans. AOS & EAD sent May 13, 2017 Recieved NOA1 May 23, 2017 Biometrics appointment July 12, 2017 AOS "case ready to be scheduled for an interview" July 19, 2017 EAD approved September 6, 2017 EAD in hand September 13, 2017 No news on AOS since July 19, 2017
  2. There is a slight possiblity that it may slow down the process over the next few days to a week, but the Texas service center is based in Dallas, TX and they dont seem to be affected as hard as Houston, TX. Worst case is your petition will be slower to get there due to the weather. Best of luck.
  3. PennyandDanny

    Sydney K1 Interview questions

    I had the same issue with the Sydney Consulate, they scheduled me for an interview with only 7 days notice, but unlike you they took exactly 7 days to reply to my requests to change the interview. So i ended up going to Sydney, had my medical and the next day was denied entry into the consulate because they rescheduled me the day of my interview. Such a waste of money and time. Luckily it was rescheduled, but i had to wait an extra 2 months because they took so long to reply to my emails. As answered above, they will give you the original birth certificate back. Goodluck with everything
  4. PennyandDanny

    Money order

    I just sent off my money orders, they were the exact same as above and i filled it out as such U.S Department of Homeland Security, nothing in the "payment for/acct #" my address including state and zip code and then signature. And i just recieved my noa1 with no issues Goodluck in your process