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  1. How was the interview? Oath scheduled?

    1. tamcloud


      Success! Wife reporter her interviewer as "absolutely lovely" and the hole thing took about 30 minutes, but only because his computer kept freezing with each input. She believes it was probably closer to 25 minutes actual interview time. Oath was scheduled on-site for tomorrow morning.  I'll repeat this in the thread.

    2. Pupa


      Thank you for sharing and congratulations!

    3. tamcloud
  2. Congratulations!!!! Did they let you know when you'd have your oath ceremony?

    1. Pupa


      Hi! My interview is February 10th, so i guess i hope i’ll find out then 😊 I didn't have my interview yet. 

    2. LAstategal


      Oh thanks for the clarification.

  3. Thank you for updating timeline so promptly! I’ve been following you as we have similar timelines and Baltimore office too. How was your N400 interview experience? My interview is on February 10, a month from now, 3 year rule. I wonder how much more marriage evidence I should bring to the interview. I-751 was approved 1 year ago. Thanks!

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    2. Pupa


      Wonderful! I have two little questions -  Did they go through all the application at the interview page by page? And did they print your oath letter right after interview?(i see you already know the date). Thanks for your time and congrats!!!

    3. Mick and Anabel

      Mick and Anabel

      Yes the officer went through to all pages of my n400 form and he was just reading into it. After my interview I have to wait my name to be called at window 7 and they'll tell you when is the available oath taking ceremony and if you say you can make it to that date,they'll print the notice for your oath taking right away. Good luck! 

    4. Pupa


      Thanks a lot! 

  4. is your I-751 still pending? When you say Baltimore did not receive your file, do you mean I-751 file from Vermont?
  5. I will bring updated financial evidence along with copies of some evidence that I submitted with N-400, but I hope the IO will have the whole filing (I paper-filed) in front of him/her- that was the idea. So not a lot, but all relevant and updated.
  6. Hey Skyline, Actually I filed on August 1 so you might hear something soon. It seems like Baltimore processing speed is improving. What account shows is an estimate (on a longer side) and may or may not be true according to the experiences posted here. I’m observing here folks are being scheduled in 5-7 month now.
  7. My interview was scheduled and it is on February 10 in Baltimore. This was unexpectedly fast as I’m only at 5 month mark. I filed in August 2019, under 3 year rule. I will keep you posted.
  8. Thank you Alex. No, it has always been at Vermont Service Center. I havent applied for citizenship yet.
  9. I got an update this evening that the card was mailed to me! I should get it by the end of this week I guess.
  10. **** MY TURN FINALLY! **** Got the message today - New card is being produced! 20 months of waiting, no RFE, no interview, VSC, finally! !!! I haven’t applied for naturalization yet, but now I’m considering to do that soon. Hoping for the card to arrive in the mail promptly! Good luck to everyone who is still waiting and whose cases got combined with N400- you will get there. Best..
  11. Agreed. Plenty of cases are not interviewed, majority in fact. Did they give you a stamp valid for 1 year or less? I have an Infopass next week.
  12. I’m in the same boat here, even further behind. July 3, 2017. EAC278 here. TWO service requests submitted where they acknowledge delay and apologized. Have an INFIPASS for 2/26 to stamp passport. Also thinking to file N-400 in march.
  13. Hey Donut. Yes, I did the inquiry in December 10th and got the response toneait 60 days more, which is coming up soon. I did NOT file N-400 yet, case is in Vermont. I was looking on EAC276xxxxx cases and it looks like a lot were adjudicated last week, hopefully they will get to EAC278 next week or soon! Enjoy
  14. Hey Donut! Congratulations! Happy for you! July 3rd filer right and EAC278......? Me too. Hoping to hear something soon as well. July 3rd filer here too, no updates so far.
  15. Hi Donut, I received a response in the mail today which reads “Your case is currrntly under officer review. You should receive a decision or notice of action within next 60 days.” That’s it. So nothing very specific... But looks like I will hear in 2019, not earlier.
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