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  1. Gestern endlich nach fast 7 Monaten meine Greencard bekommen.. Hat solange gewartet, weil die Grenzbeamte beim POE anscheinend meine Fingerabdrücke nicht richtig genommen. Musste dann nochmal am 24 April zum USCIS hier in Hialeah und dann wurde nochmal mein Fingerabdrücke genommen und ein Foto gemacht. 22 Tage später war dann endlich meine Greencard in der Post.
  2. I was worried because I thought that I had to pay the immigrant fee again. I wrote them a message via my USCIS Account and I told them that I haven't received a notification va mail and the notification letter didn't arrive at y mailing address. Now there are scheduling a new appointment at my local ASC office.
  3. Hi, there was a problem with the production of my Green Card and obviously the problem was that they haven't taken my fingerprints correctly at the POE. Now my mailing address was in Washington near Seattle and they have scheduled an ASC appointment there to take my biometrics properly on 03/06/2018 04/20/2018. I was not in the States, I will move there tomorrow and I have already updated my physical address. I haven't received the letter because they didn't notify me via E-mail and that's why I haven't rescheduled the appointment and missed it. I've just saw the appointment notification in my USCIS profile. Now what I can do? Make an infopass appointment so that they can reschedule the ASC appointment? I am a bit scared because the letter says: PLEASE APPEAR AT THE BELOW APPLICATION SUPPORT CENTER (ASC) AT THE DATE AND TIME SPECIFIED. IF YOU FAIL TO APPEAR AS SCHEDULED, YOUR APPLICATION, PETITION, OR REQUEST WILL BE CONSIDERED ABANDONED. Thanks for your help and best regards
  4. No, for some reason you have to have the physical green card to get a SSN in the consulate, they don’t accept the stamped immigrant visa. Due to production issues I don’t have my physical green card yet. Additionally it would take 7-8 weeks to get the SSN from the unit in the consulate.
  5. Can I even file for extension without the SSN?
  6. I was , but not in the USA.
  7. Hi, I've been a LPR since October 2017 and I have to file taxes now. The problem is that I was only 9 days in the USA back in October and the automatic assignment of the SSN didn't work. I will move there permanently on April 5th and I will immediately go to the SS office to apply, I hope it will arrive fast so that I am able to file in time. What will happen if I don't file until 04/15/2018 but a week later ? Thanks for your help
  8. Ich warte derzeit auch noch auf meine Greencard die mittlerweile fast 6 Monate auf sich warten lässt.. Bei mir wurde der Fall mittlerweile an das Texas Service Center weitergeleitet ( wo die Produktion der Karten stattfindet) und ich bekam ein offizielles Schreiben, dass ich innerhalb 3 Monate Antwort von denen erhalte.
  9. Adriano1012

    I-511 Card production time issue

    They just wrote me that further research is need regarding my inquiry and that I should receive correspondence within 90 days.. anyone else ever received this message?
  10. Adriano1012

    I-511 Card production time issue

    Update: I have not yet heard from them but now it says: last update: 21 February 2018 instead of 18 November 2017 so I guess they’re working on it. Nevertheless I’ve wrote them a new message via my USCIS account , let’s see what they will respond.
  11. Adriano1012

    I-511 Card production time issue

    Thank you! I guess I will contact them in 15 days if I haven’t heard from the by then and I will keep you guys up to date.
  12. Adriano1012

    I-511 Card production time issue

    I was writing with them via the new messenger function they implemented to the USCIS accounts and they regarding to my inquiry they wrote me the following: Regarding the status of your USCIS Immigrant Fee: After careful review of your inquiry, we determined that your issue will be best addressed by the USCIS office processing your case; therefore, we are forwarding your inquiry to the Texas Service Center. The referral ID for this inquiry is xxxxxxxxxxxxx. The Texas Service Center will contact you concerning your case once they have reviewed your inquiry. We understand your concern over the delay in processing your Form I-551. Please note that until you receive your card, you may use the Temporary I-551 Stamp placed in your passport as proof of your Permanent Resident status. Title 8 of the Code of Federal Regulations states a foreign passport that contains a temporary I-551 stamp, or temporary I-551 printed notation on a machine-readable immigrant visa may be used as proof of employment eligibility. This stamp is only valid for the time period indicated; afterwards, you must obtain your Form I-551 or have your stamp renewed. Anybody has an idea what’s coming next? Is this the standard message when they are trying to solve things out?
  13. Adriano1012

    I don't receive my green card

    I have the same issue.. waiting 4 months now
  14. Adriano1012

    I-511 Card production time issue

    I’ve read that quiet a few times now..that the problem where the fingerprints. Did you actually hat to provide them new fingerprints at some point ?
  15. Adriano1012

    I-511 Card production time issue

    I will see if I reveive a call back or no and I’ll let you guys know. If not I will try to call them during the morning hours which is no big deal for me due to the time difference. I am wondering what could have been gone wrong , I mean most people receive their cards within 1 or two months and I guess if you are waiting 4 months without an update there must been an issue.