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  1. Exactly, I will upload some CEAC screenshots, ICE FOIA with a case closure, Consulate email to appear for a rescheduled interview and their reply
  2. I am not on this on a "DIY", I have a lawyer but the embassy is insisting on not giving clarifications , my concern is why wont they just issue a 212a denial sheet like, tell me what sections of INA I fall under. and check mark if I qualify to file a waiver like they told me verbally . I can have my spouse file the waiver, if there is no proper denial sheet attached, or no true grounds of inadmissibility, USCIS simply denies the petition without clarification either. ...
  3. I believe the consular section in Tunis should have let me do the interview on July 2014 then issue a 221g for missing translated document, that was their flaw.. Abu Dhabi agreed to the transfer but after 7 months sent me an email stating that my IV petition is expiring soon under 203g US embassy in Tunis was nice enough to reschedule the interview after 4 years .. but still their decision is blurry, no actual notice of denial issued, they verbally advised to pursue a waiver ..
  4. no worries yes, I-130 filed around June 2009, adjudicated and approved around 2011 my initial consular interview was on July 2014, I did not have a translated document so I couldn't be interviewed, they told me when you get that document contact us and we will reschedule your interview. I moved to the UAE, I requested a transfer from my home country post to Abu Dhabi, it took around 7 months, CEAC was showing a "Transfer in Progress" then Abu Dhabi post emailed me that my IV petition has been canceled under 203g (??) because I did not respond to them ... I tried emailing my home country post for another interview, after several attempts they agreed, they scheduled another interview in July 2018, and you know the rest. I hope it's clearER
  5. what are you talking about "refile the IR1" ?? and game the system ? was what I wrote in Chinese or tagalog ?
  6. One thing I wanted to add is that my DS-260 was filled on March 2014, its the same outdated one that I took the confirmation number with me to the 2018 interview, all of the questions about prior removal were answered according to 2014, I let the VO know that the DS260 is outdated and I did not wanna alter it.. they just nodded ..
  7. But like I said, my question is not about why the visa was not issued, it is rather regarding a clear notice of denial , and 221g is either suspended for further AD or missing document, or could be literally refused and sent back to USCIS with recommendation to revoke the I-130 ..
  8. My departure took place on February 21 2008, both bars should start accordingly from the day I left the US, 10 years for unlawful presence and 10 years for removal, they should have been ran out on Feb 22 2018.
  9. If you file the I-601 and there are no physical grounds of inadmissibility , the petition will get denied with no prior notice.
  10. This is the refusal that they gave me on my interview day , first time it was issued because I did not have the medical exam result done because I live abroad and time was short to schedule an appointment. Two days later when I submitted the medical, they gave me back the 221g sheet and requested my removal records. A month later, I submitted the removal records, they retrieved the 221 sheet and I was told that they will get in touch with me. I received an email to show up at the consular section, the US consul handed me back my passport, and a pile of I-601A, they did not give a 212(a) refusal sheet, which would state what inadmissibilities the visa officer has determined.
  11. 2000 I entered the US on a B2 Visa 2002 married a USC 2003 detained by ICE under 237 (a) (1) (B) and 231 (a) (3) (A) (this is for not showing for special registration NSEERS) 2004 filled I-130 which later was rejected by USCIS, 2005 granted a voluntary departure which I overstayed. 2008 I was removed by ICE for my initial NTA 237 (a) (1) (B) (Unlawful presence) 2009 filled another I-130 and was approved. 2014 Scheduled for an IV interview at the US embassy ( they did not conduct the interview because I did not have a translated document ) 2018 I was rescheduled for another IV interview
  12. Overstaying a VD only carries a bar from relief such as getting another VD or motion to reopen or AOS for 10 years
  13. I was just wondering why didn’t the consular section just issued a formal notice of denial that would state the grounds . believe it or not, the US consul person met with me, handed me back my passport after being retained for 3 months and gave me a I-601A waiver to file( which we all know that the I-601a is intended for people who are already in the US...)
  14. The removal was based on a nonimmigrant overstay more than one year
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