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  1. Thanks again for all the responses. Yes I paid for the card in May, but it never showed up....I was hoping it would come after he left and mail it to him. However, I received a letter from USCIS a few weeks ago saying they lost his package and he needed to come in for an appointment at one of the local offices (I guess they have to re-fingerprint him or something). So basically we know the card isn't coming at this point. I will start the process of contacting the embassy to get him the documents required to get back in, once here we will make an appointment to get his green card issued.
  2. Thanks for the responses, just wanted to point out that he hasn't been out of the country for a year at this point (he left in September) What exactly is SB-1? Edit: I just googled it. So basically this is our only option at this point? Just want to be sure before I start the process
  3. My father was granted permanent residency in 2016 and came in the country in March 2017, where his passport was stamped for re-entry for up to a year. He hadn't yet received his actual Green card when he flew out of the country late last year and we were hoping to get him back in before the year was up, but couldn't due to illness. Is there another way for a permanent resident to show their residency other than with the green card? Can he go to the local embassy to get his stamp renewed? Thanks