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  1. jamesamangels1

    G-325a Name Change

    So if we leave it under "other names used" on the G-325a, that shouldn't raise any red flags since it is nowhere else in the packet? When reading the VJ step by step #13 it made it sound like we would need to show proof of her name change.
  2. My fiancee and I are trying to finish getting all of the paperwork together. We are working on her biographic information on the G-325a and I was hoping someone has had any experience they could send my way. She changed her first name years ago because she didn't like the way it sounded. Her current name is what is used on her passport and ID card. However, it would be different on her birth certificate (which we are trying to track down). Do we need to provide her name change in the initial packet? She has never been married and her birth certificate wont be shown to the CO until the end at the interview I believe. I chided her for not keeping better track of her information but there is not much to be done now except try to track down the documentation. Thailand doesn't make it easy as she apparently has to go to her village of birth to get this stuff sorted out. I just want to some advice on whether or not we should post-pone sending it until we have all of that information sorted out first or if we could move ahead with getting it submitted since the only place you would currently see the name now is on her G-325a other names used and it wouldn't be on any of the "relevant documents" until later (birth certificate). Thanks!