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  1. Actually, if i didnt sign,the petitioner must submit a request for a default judgment in the divorce matter for it to go any further. She will dismiss it anyways. She will dismiss it. But should we mention it in the interview even if they didnt ask us for it?
  2. So me and my wife have been through a rocky marriage mainly due to distance. She's in the states, while iam in my country working in a remote area, which makes it super hard for her to move in with me. We filed the I-130 back in october . Later on, she couldnt handle feeling lonely, became impatient and couldnt wait for the approval. Things spiraled down from there, so she filed for divorce and sent me the papers in May. I didnt sign them yet , so i guess no further filing has happened. A couple of days ago, we received the I-130 approval email. This gave us a glimpse of hope to try and reconcile and work things out given that we will have a chance to be under the same roof . But then we thought about what would happen in the interview. If the officer never brings up the filed divorced, should we mention it to him/her?