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  1. Like e&e4ever said, yes, the same happened to me: I updated our address even before we moved and my GC still got sent to our old address, weeks after that. It took USCIS 6 months to resend my Card, even after calling them frequently (Just some weeks ago I FINALLY received my darling Green Card in the mail. Yay!). If they would enforce to resend cards within 60 days as well, that would be amazing
  2. I wouldn't worry too much! We met through Instagram, I was an Influencer and my now USC-Spouse stumbled upon my profile. We explained this in a letter when sending in my K1 application, and I was asked "How did we meet each other" at the Interview in Germany, but the officer didn't have an issue with that at all. I never thought about sending in the ToS, EULA or Privacy Policy to be honest, so I'm glad this was never an issue. Best of luck on your journey!
  3. Hello everyone! To my situation: I filed for my AOS on March 10., and me and my USC husband had to move to another state in early September due to his military orders. I changed the address through the USCIS website 5 days before we moved, and my status was still on "Biometrics Fee was received" (they never updated my status at all). However, after moving, it suddenly said that my Green Card was in production and then sent out on September 19! I couldn't be happier that I got approved, especially without an interview. Now it's been 2 weeks since they sent out my Green Card in the mail, and I'm getting slightly nervous if and when it will arrive here to our new address. Of course we also informed USPS about our address change and that they'll forward mail from our old address to our new one, but wheeew I just want it to arrive safe and sound. To feel a little better I thought I could ask here if anyone had a similar situation, or if you know if the Green Card letter will be forwarded to us too? I'm certain they sent it to our old address, because I just received an email yesterday, stating the change of address was successful. A little late for that now but oh well . Thank you really much for reading and I hope you have a great day!
  4. Congrats! Our status is "Card was sent out on the 19th September" as well! For anyone asking, my status stated for several months: "Biometrics Fee received", then they never updated it again... Until it changed to "Card in production" on the 16th, and then to "Card was sent out" on the 19th! I just hope it arrives soon. We moved 2 weeks ago and I updated to our new address, so I just cross my fingers they got my address right.
  5. Yeah, I think so, thank you! I wish you best of luck on your journey as well!
  6. I kinda have the same problem. I filed in March 2017 and my USCIS case status doesn't update at all (EAD/AP on "case received" even if I have it for almost 2 months now etc), so I'm not sure when my Interview will be ready. Because of my husbands job we will have to move from Virginia to Illinois, to Mississippi, to Illinois again, to finally Iowa - all within 2017 and 2018. So I'm actually interested if you guys think if it would be better to always update my address every single time or to just put in the address of my Mother-in-law's place.... (Worst time to move, I know!!! *sigh sigh*)
  7. Unfortunately I didn't take a look at all on the VJ timeline, so I can't say if it's accurate or not
  8. I filed on the 13th of March 2017 and received my AP/EAD card on the 26th June 2017, which means it took 106 days. (I know a little earlier than this thread but maybe it's still helpful?) What's annoying me so much though is that they still didn't update my USCIS status on their website: it still states "My case was received" and for my Green Card: "Fingerprints Fee has been received", even though I already had my biometrics appointment. Hope you're receiving yours soon!