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  1. D and L

    AOS - Interview Notification

    Hi guys, I've submitted the AOS paperwork and the latest update says this "As of August 8, 2018, we are ready to schedule your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, Receipt Number .............., for an interview. We will schedule your interview and send you a notice. Please follow any instructions in the notice" Does this mean that they will need to interview us again or is this just a standard formality notice and there might not be an interview? Please help.
  2. D and L

    Driver License for Fiance/wife

    Yes. When we were at the DMV, he verified the visa and me as the petitioner and then verified my info regarding my Texas residency with a few documents and then she's good to get the permit.
  3. D and L

    Driver License for Fiance/wife

    Thank you so much. You've help a lot already. At least now I don't have to go keep on searching for ways
  4. D and L

    Driver License for Fiance/wife

    Yes I am in Texas actually. 1. Proof of Texas residency - can you help specifying this? She currently have a driving permit card but expire on June 8th, 2018. Not sure what else can proof this. 2. Legal status in US - waiting on this one. 3. SS - we have the number, just with a note of not able to work and until we get the EAD 4. Proof of identity - I guess her passport will work.
  5. D and L

    Driver License for Fiance/wife

    I check with the local DMV already and they say that they have to go by the travel document. I'm at a dead end i'm wasn't sure if there's any other way so turning my help to our fellow VJers.
  6. D and L

    Driver License for Fiance/wife

    Yes we did and we're waiting for it to process as we speak. But most likely there's no way of going at it until she get at least the EAD/AP right?
  7. D and L

    Driver License for Fiance/wife

    Hello, My fiance is here already and we've file for the AOS pending the application to be processed. We have not received the receipt # yet. Her visa states says that the expire date is June, 8th 2018 and that's what the driver license place is going by to issue her the temporary license. They cannot issue something past that date. My question is, is there something that I can do to get her the ID so she can drive while waiting for her green card? Average time to get a green card is 12 months but that's too long for her not to be able to drive. Please help
  8. D and L

    Filing for parents

    Hello, I'm helping my sister in-law filing a petition for her parents in VN, The form i'm using is i-130. per the instruction, we are supposed to file a separate form for each eligible relative. I wanted to check with all the experts here to see if that's the case. Anyways, to sum it up, i'm supposed to file 2 separate application for both her mom and her dad right? Your help is much appreciated it.
  9. D and L

    I-485 Form questions

    Thank you so much Frontgear. Thanks to your response, I was able to correct some of the mistakes that I've made.
  10. D and L

    I-485 Form questions

    Hi guys, I have a few questions regarding the information on the form. Can you guys please help me out as I am preparing for this form on behalf of my fiance, now wife. 1. Part 2 - Application type or filing category Do I need to fill out questions # 3 (receipt number of underlying petition) # 4 (priority date from underlying petition). 2. Part 5 - Information about your marital history question # 10 (is your current spouse applying with you?) - I'm assuming that the answer to this question is "no"? 3. Part 6 - Information about your children question # 1 - this include stepchild. I (petitioner) have a child of my own, do I need to put my child's info on here as well? My child is considered my wife's stepchild right now. 4. Part 10 or Part 11 or Part 12? - Of course I help her file this application so i'm assuming that I fill out part 12 which is the person preparing for this application. What did you guys do or what do you suggest? Thank you
  11. D and L

    Additional evidence submitted with I-485 form??

    Thank you guys for your help
  12. Hi, I am in the process of submitting my I-485 form along with the EAD and Advance paroled. I wanted some suggestion to see if there are any additional information/evidences that I should submit along with my I-485? Or is it just the standard form that I should send in. Please help, I really appreciate it.
  13. D and L

    Name - wrong order on documents

    I did already. I wish I posted this question earlier before I went and get the Social Security card. I didn't realize that you can be able to call customs and have them change the name without having to be at one of the offices in person. Thank you for your help guys.
  14. D and L

    Name - wrong order on documents

    I went to the SS office and apply already but they say that they can't change it. It has to match with immigration so the name is still the same.
  15. D and L

    Name - wrong order on documents

    My fiance’s name (example: Nguyen Thi Thuy Lien: last (Nguyen), first name (lien), middle name (thi thuy). When my fiance’s paperwork was done or at the time she was admitted into the US, they listed her last name as “nguyen” and her first as “Thi Thuy Lien) and no middle name. The question is: 1. Should i go somewhere and see if they could change her name to the property format with Lien as first name only and Thi Thuy is middle name? Or should i just leave it as is to save the confusion and possible delay in paperwork. 2. On the AOS form, should I fill out the part that ask “other name used” and put as Nguyen as last, Lien as first, and Thi Thuy as middle? and write a letter of explanation? I do not want to delay the AOS process and I do not want a mismatch between her documents here with her Vietnam passport in the case there is an issue when she needs to travel. Please help!! What should I do?