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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me out with this subject. It was very informative and very helpful. I really appreciate that.
  2. So the police report " Ly Lich Tu Phap # 2 ", once they're done with it in VN, then they send a copy over here so we can submit that to the NVC over here as well rather than submitting it to the consulate in VN? Also, even right now they can start the process of getting the police report already? I'm not sure if there's an expiration date of that police report or if you have to get it within a certain time frame or not. So what are the things that they need to do in VN? I'm asking because i'm wondering if it's even worth it to hire someone to help with the process in VN or not. Thank you so much for your help. Your information is very detail and informative. This is a lot different from K1 process.
  3. For the interview with I-130, do they give us a scheduled date or do we set it up ourselves like K1 process?
  4. Very informative. Thank you very much for this information. Now I have a range of time of what I can expect. This seems like it's a lot longer than the K1 Visa but given that they're getting the GC at POE, it make sense that they needed a little more time to process the paperworks.
  5. I believe my paperwork is pretty detailed so i think it should be ok. Hopefully. But I was just wondering on average how long on average it'll be in NVC assuming they do not need anything else.
  6. I submitted the paperwork to USCIS since July 6, 2018. But my paperwork take a little longer outside of normal time.
  7. Hi all, i'm filing a I-130 petition for my parents in Vietnam and the file was just approved and we received a letter that it will be moved to NVC. I check the status on NVC website but still no record of it yet so i'm assuming that it hasn't gotten there yet. Can you guys let me know on average how long for I-130, petition for parents, to be process in NVC before sending the file back to the consulate in VN in Saigon? Thank you so much for your help.
  8. Thank you. Do you know with the IR5, will the consulate in VN issue an interview date and time for my parents or do we set up the interview date and time by ourself like the K1?
  9. Thank you very much Andy. By the way, do you know the types of information and/or documents that they generally ask for a the time of interview for parents? I'm very familiar with K1 process but unfortunately i'm not as knowledgeable for the Parent's petition.
  10. Hi, I am currently filing a petition I-130 for my parents. It's probably another 2-3 months out until they make a decision and then will send to NVC. Can anyone let me know about the interview in Vietnam, whether they will let me or my sister (not on the petition application) in the consulate for the interview? Or it has to be only the person on the application can be allow in the consulate. Please let me know because I do need it to plan a few things in Vietnam.
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