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  1. Umm I knew all about the cr1 visa but I didn’t want to marry in Mexico.... how do u know I didn’t research? I did all this on my own no lawyer... I did plenty of research. Way back when we began this the wait time was like 3 months. Why leave condescending comments that offer no value? At least geowrians comment offers information for others who may see this....
  2. Can’t even get a NY drivers license until we have EAD 😞
  3. Came here legally. Want to work legally. Pay all their fees and give them everything they want and then wait half a year with no money. I guess I’ll get a second job 😞
  4. Our AOS application was received 7/27 its really 6 months until the EAD ? I thought was 90 days 😞
  5. Our ASC appointment is scheduled for 8/15.... how long after this date will we have EAD?? Gracias
  6. ClairyCherry

    I 194 help!

    I ended up calling the help line number on the US customs website where I retrieved my fiancé’s I 194. after using the automated call directory I was instructed to call the US customs where our I 194 was processed, for us that was Detroit. I called the customs at the Detroit airport and they said that sometimes when the visas are scanned that they “pick up extra letters” 🙄 we went today and successfuly filed for a US SSN so it all worked out. Still annoying
  7. my fiance printed his I 194 document from the website but it shows him name incorrect.. his name is Arturo Sandoval Arechiga however the I 194 lists his name as Arturo Z Sandoval Arechiga we tried the retrieval process on the website several times, each time the document appearing with the Z following his first name. what is this? is this normal? please help
  8. My fiancé was approved in Juarez on October 23 and the CEAC site says approved. However we have no DHL tracking number.... how long will this take to be posted ?
  9. Thanks for your reply ! 😊 It's looking like the wait time is under three weeks for most
  10. In the Mexico portal is says 3 weeks to receive your visa in Mexico City via DHL following approval at interview... anyone from Mexico City , does it really take this long ? We are just trying to get an accurate timeline so that we can book flights. Thank you
  11. Thank you for answering my dumb question! I realized it was in the directions soon after posting 🙄 Lol muchas gracias !
  12. Sorry if this makes me seem very dumb... pero.... my fiance scheduled ASC appointment to be preformed in Mexico City. Does he have to also schedule a medical exam or does the ASC include the medical.... my understanding is that the ASC is just finger prints and photo, and that he needs to schedule a medical exam please help! Confused 😞
  13. If you did your ASC and biometrics appointments in DF please be so kind and give us some info about how it went.... u pay there for the medical exam? Or has to be paid ahead of time? You brought vaccination documentation? Please help 🙏🏻 Muchas gracias xo