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  1. Just online... by uploading scan copy of Certificate.
  2. Hi, No, but my situation was different. I was already on last step after waiting for many months. Wait for their acknowledgement and then call them so they can start processing your application...means...will sent you immigration Visa Case number. So, you can access CEAC website, select agent and pay AOS/IV fee...etc.
  3. Here is what happens... At interview beneficiary provides his/her contact number. After visa is issued it will be send to fedex or speedx office in main city near to the beneficiary. The fedex/speedx office will contact for passport pickup. beneficiary must have to visit office to pickup with National ID and copy of it. Beneficiary will be asked to sign the receipt of passport. Hope this will help someone in future. Anyways, wife had interview on 18th, visa issued 19 and passport picked up on 20th.
  4. Hello, Just wanna know how embassy sent passport to beneficiary after immigrant visa? Do you pickup or receive by courier service? I am concerned because my wife never received her interview letter in mail.
  5. If you sent urdu nikha nama with translation and Nadra Certificate... then that should be all. Call them and ask exactly what doc is missing. If required email copy of missing doc otherwise they might be able to find doc they were unable to find at first place.
  6. They were already processing my application when I emailed them my Naturalization certificate. It took week to receive email after online submission of form saying they have received and upgraded visa classification for my petition.
  7. I did it online at https://secureforms.travel.state.gov/ask-nvc.php In Your question: select ...Change in Status. (Petitioner Naturalized) I think it took a week to get reply... But don't remember exactly. It was pretty easily and worry free.
  8. Hello, My wife is waiting for her CR1 visa interview date in Pakistan. Her father works in UAE. I am planning to meet her in Dubai and stay there for few days before coming to US with her. Is there any restrictions on traveling to US from 3rd country on CR1 Visa? Thanks for reply.
  9. Congrats.!!! 5 Weeks! I had same SD and I didn't call NVC yet but status on ceac.state.gov changed to "At NVC" so I believe case in complete. I am planning to call them tonight. Now anxiously waiting for interview date for wife. I think it will be mid Jan but I am wishing they schedule her for interview asap so we can spend Christmas Holidays and New Year together.!!! Anyways, all the best everyone.
  10. Finally, after 301 days stuck on FP status, I received a letter yesterday for an interview. Still no update on the USCIS website. PD was NOV 25, 2016. Local office: Baltimore. My country of birth is Pakistan. Best of luck everyone. Hope your wait will be over soon as well.
  11. Anyone from Nov and Baltimore office who is still waiting for in-line for an interview? ... or I am the only one stuck at Biometrics notice
  12. My case was last updated 247 days ago with FP appointment scheduled. I am desperately waiting for completion this process so I can move forward with my wife's approved I-130. Unfortunately, Baltimore office is also one of those centers who are backlogged.