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  1. @Hank_ Thank you and for your support - you are such a blessing to so many people on Visa Journey.
  2. @Pillows sorry for the super late response. After we received the 221g, I went ahead and uploaded the documents needed and got our my mother's passport together with the visa back to us on july 19th (she was in cebu). Came to the states on Aug 9th. it was quicker than I thought!
  3. @Hank_ @geowrian Hi Guys! When submitting the all documents to 2go with the submission letter and everything, do we have to resubmit the courier form that US embassy requested on the day of interview (the courier form/2go filled out before the interview)? or do we request 2go Agent to request USEM/MNL to send everything back to them? Thanks~ I dont see instructions for that!
  4. @Hank_ That's correct, I did not receive this piece of paper. I will contact USCIS on Monday. Thank you!
  5. @Hank_: So there are 2 documents that's needed on the 221g form: (1) my Mom's NBI updated with an AKA - which I know will have no issues (2) more documents about MY first name change - this is what I'm worried about. My birth certificate shows a different name than what I currently have (changed my FIRST name via naturalization). Was told by USCIS that usually when having name changed via Naturalization, people go thru "court ceremony" so when receiving the Naturalization certificate an additional document is attached but as for myself, I only went thru "Oath taking" therefore wasn't given that additional piece of paper (I'm guessing more like a name change certificate) - I already have a rough draft of an explaining my situation with all of my documents attached showing my current name being updated on all government issued documents but still worried what IF it isnt enough for the CO @ USEM/MNL. Do you think she will just be issued another 221g if they want more evidence? (Side Note: in contact with USCIS if they can provide me with some kind of document but as you know...it might take another MONTH to get a response from them 😫)
  6. I was just wondering if anyone knows the answer - if the person you're petitioning over to the US receives a 221g slip right after USEM/Manila interview and sends the lacking documents but is still not enough, will the Embassy issue another 221g slip and send back their passport? πŸ€”
  7. That's exactly what I was afraid of - longer waiting πŸ˜– really hoping your wife gets her visa in hand soon @s75h
  8. Wow, thank you @Hank_ you are always of HUGE help - You know A LOT of information! Crossing my fingers everything will go thru smoothly this time.
  9. Hi Everyone~, My mother's interview was yesterday in Manila/USEM and unfortunately received a 221(g) form with needing to provide additional documents. 😭😨 I've been looking thru VJ but wasn't quite sure as to the procedure. My Mom wasn't quite clear as what do to herself but was told to upload documents via CEAC and something about sending via 2go. I need a helping hand here...πŸ˜– (Please see the attached pictures - the instructions I'm getting from her and what's on this piece of paper isnt matching!!). 1.) After uploading additional documents onto CEAC, how will I know that they've accepted those documents by MNL? Will the status show accepted? 2.) Once accepted, my mother need to send HER original documents, passport , 221g letter (does it need to be the original?) and 2go confirmation letter? (EMBASSY is also asking for additional documents from my end but I'm assuming she doesn't have to send original of those). 3.) do we check the 2go website to see the updates if VISA is approved, issued or not? 4.) how long does it usually take. This is such heartache 😫 Thanks everyone. Nekz
  10. Hello All, I am in need of some advise. I became a US citizen last year and during the naturalization interview, the USCIS agent told me that in Fresno, CA she can request to change my first name but it's not like some cities (Ex: Los Angeles) where it would be in front of a judge (if I remember correctly) - I have my Naturalization Certificate with my updated name (already updated my passport, Social Security, DL) but is it normal for people to receive BOTH Naturalization Certificate AND the name change certificate?
  11. Hello All, 1.) My mother has finally received an interview date on July 1st. I'm looking at the checklist but how do you register for courier service in advance for US embassy? 2.) She is flying out from Cebu and having her leave next Monday (June 24th) and start her medical at St. Luke's from the 25th. Based on everyone's experience, is it only 2 days at St. Luke's? Thank you!
  12. Thank you for all your replies! Very helpful! πŸ˜„
  13. Hi All, I don't know if this is the same situation as the K-1 visa but for IR-5 (Parent Visa), if we filed all documents via CEAC electronically, should my mother be expecting a "packet" from the US Embassy/Manila via airmail? Just got off the phone with an NVC customer rep.....aaannnd that wasn't of any help πŸ€ͺ
  14. @John & Rose Thank you for the useful information! I had a gut feeling that my Mother's interview most likely would fall in August and trying to not keep my hopes up. I see in your timeline your interviews are coming up in late June! Congrats and good luck! 🀩 Yes, tried calling NVC as well and their lines are ALWAYS busy 😰
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