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    Reuniting with my other half

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    We met on an online game called Elder Scrolls Online. So it was ldr at first and then I he flew to me first then I went back with him to Sydney for 2 years and we were never apart unless he was working.

    We did everything together and were inseparable. Like magnets, people would say. We definitely are head over heels in love but unfortunately because of covid, we flew back to my home and I stayed, but he had to fly back to Australia and quarantined all by himself for 2 weeks.

    It was the hardest part of our lives leaving eachother. The pain is unexplainable.. I used to miss him if he went to the shops for just an hour and run to him. He'd even come home from work for lunch break and I'd run and hug him everytime. So us being across the world from eachother again is agonisingly painful.

    Leaving the airport was like slow motion. I couldn't feel my legs, I was dizzy and in shock. I cried infront of everyone and he said he did too.. he said it was the biggest mistake of his life even though I tell him all the time that it's not his fault. We really hope we get the noa2 soon. Because I miss my other half.. my best friend..

    Edit. Uscis finally graced us with an update. A beautifully marvelous RFE. Thanks guys! Time to wait even longer! Yay

    EDIT: IT FINALLY APPROVED!! WE'RE SO EXCITED AND CRYING. We found out by constantly checking the app, waiting to see a difference and it actually changed. We didn't get any notification, no email or message but there is still the actually no2 letter that's coming in soon. Btw once they received the RFE it took about 23 days to get a response so here's to hoping everyone else gets a quick response too!

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