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  1. Yep, we're in the same boat. We've been getting that same response from the consulate for months, and I have to leave next month, so he's staying in China until the consulate opens back up and finishes his green card so he can join me in our home in the U.S. I hope it doesn't take too long. I get knots in my stomach every day, over this.... I couldn't have imagined, back in February, that this would take so long. It's awful.
  2. Oh, no! I wanted to find out what happened. Our case status is "refused," too. Pretty sure it's because we can't send all the required documents because the consulate has been closed for three months.
  3. We have been contacting the consulate continuously over the past four months, since the consulate closed. Our case status on CEAC says refused. It says "A U.S. consular office has adjucated and refused your visa application. Please follow any instructions provided by the consular officer. If you were informed by the consular officer that your case was refused for administrative processing, your case will remain refused while undergoing such processing. You will receive another adjudication once such processing is complete. Please be advised that the processing time varies and that you will be contacted if additional information is needed." The date this case was updated was May 26th, the deadline given on the paper, so I have to assume this happened automatically and not done by a person. We received no notification. Is there anything we can do to change the status?
  4. Hi, everyone, We are a married couple, a USC (me) and Frenchman living in China. We did the interview in Guangzhou for CR1 visa last May, but were missing some documents and had no time to get documents early enough before our residence permits expired, so we signed a year-long contract with a Chinese university and planned to get the green card in March this year. His criminal records and translations that we turned in at the interview all expired in November. Everything was closed in February, so we weren't able to get the criminal records and their notarized translations until just last month. However, the consulate we are working with in Guangzhou is still closed, so we can't send them the criminal record forms nor get the medical exam done (they need to give us a code since no interview appointment is needed). After the failed interview, we were given a form that said if we failed to do all that they ask/turn in the forms (I assume that means sending them the forms they requested that we were missing on interview day because those items were what were listed on the form) within a year--by today, basically--that our case would be terminated. Of course, it isn't our fault that we haven't been able to finish everything by now because everything was closed for so long--but we did send the (interview day) missing documents by the deadline. So my questions are: 1) Did we technically miss the deadline because we didn't renew and send the expired documents and take the medical exam again? 2) Would a lawyer help us get the green card? Our deadline would be August 12th. If we can't meet that deadline, the lawyer would not be worth the fees. I also want to note that we have tried many times to contact the consulate in Guangzhou to ask if the deadline will be extended because of the pandemic closing everything, and they have always answered by telling us to wait until they re-open again. I'm sure we're not alone in how the wait and the uncertaintly are really eating away at us. Any response would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks, Oliver. That's reassuring. Where can I find out more about this? Most of the news outlets I've checked don't seem to know all this.
  6. If Trump's intended executive order to suspend immigration goes through, it looks like we might have to wait until well after May 15th.
  7. Yeah, that's what I was afraid of. Thanks for the tips about the hospital. It's helped me form a plan.... First, we wanna see if our local small-town police station can put in a request that the Chengdu police station mail us the criminal record. My husband was supposed to talk to the translation place today, and we'll see if we might be able to send them a digital copy that they need to translate, so we only need to go into the city once to pick up the certified translation. I'm talking with the school to see if they could give us a day pass. And I sent the consulate a message, asking if our deadline could be extended and try to be as clear as possible. If they say no, I'll ask about the hospital and look into a nice long expensive stay in Chengdu and Guangzhou hotels in April, I guess.... Ugh.
  8. Thanks for replying, first of all. To clarify, we are in Sichuan province and have been here since September. We live in an apartment complex inside the campus of the university we teach at, and since early February, the campus has made the rule that we can't be gone more than two hours. Last time my husband was in the Guangzhou hospital for a medical exam, he said he needed to show a confirmation code for an appointment. He even had to go back to the hotel to look for it because they flat-out refused him. I assume this was to prove his interview appointment, but this time, we don't need an interview, so how will they let us in? Maybe he needed the code to be let in quickly, and otherwise, he would have been in the six-hour-long line? Also, I assumed that, if the Guangzhou consulate is still currently closed, the hospital is probably also closed (for those who want to take the med. exam), so maybe there's no point in going. But we don't know. When we send the consulate messages to ask, they give us the "closed until further notice" generic message.
  9. My husband (French) and I (USC) live in Sichuan province, right now, and we are getting anxious. Last spring, he did the interview in Guangzhou, and we were told we didn't have all the documents, and we had until April 21st this year to turn everything in. Because of necessity, we were waiting to finish everything by having him do the medical exam in Guangzhou again this month--but because of this pandemic, we are not allowed to be away from our apartment complex for more than two hours, meaning we also can't go to Chengdu to get some necessary paperwork done (Chinese criminal record and getting it translated) without being kept out of our home until they decide it's safe. And it looks like the hospital is not accepting appointments for immigrant visa medical exams. He's worried that they will turn us away if we don't turn everything in on time, but I think they won't because the delay isn't our fault. Is anyone else really close to a deadline, like us? I hate worrying about it alone...
  10. We have actually already done that because we filed the I-130 about a year ago, already. What's a PSB?
  11. It looks like our journey will be one whole year longer. The processing time seemed like it could possibly take too long, and we can only legally stay in China with our work visas until July 11th. If his passport with the visa hadn't come back in time for that, we would have been screwed. So we are signing another year contract with the school we work at. We are very lucky that they had spots free for us. But I still feel like a failure. Such a long struggle this has turned out to be! Do you have experience in this? He has taken the medical exam, and that expires in six months. The form we were given after the interview said we had a year from that day to turn in all the missing forms. So does this mean we can take the medical exam again, say in March or April of 2020, and then he has the visa as we stay in China the last four or so months? We shouldn't have to pay any of the fees we paid or turn in new forms?
  12. Thanks. Yes, we got a form, and apparently, we also didn't get a tax transcript, and that will take five to ten days to process. The form he was given says that, if the interview doesn't go well, the processing time could take 60 to 120 days, and we only have 30-so more days that we can stay in China. I'm looking into whether he can finish this up in the consulate in France.
  13. My French husband didn't pass his interview in Guangzhou yesterday because my joint-sponsor had filled out the wrong form. They gave us a list of forms to send, and there's no instructions on where to send the forms. When I looked up the form I-864 on the USCIS website, it gives a Chicago address under "Where to File." But we are working with the consulate in Guangzhou. So do we send them to the Chicago lock box or to Guangzhou? Unfortunately, it's the beginning of the weekend (Friday), and I can't ask the Guangzhou consulate. But the CITIC bank will be open tomorrow (Saturday), and if I can send the forms tomorrow, I want to. Also, if anyone has had similar experiences, it would make me feel better to hear about them... From reading the posts, it feels like we're the only ones who blew the interview.
  14. Now I feel this is a stupid question, and I can't figure out how to edit or delete it. Did the website change that aspect? I'm not usually this stupid when it comes to technology....
  15. My husband didn't get his visa after the interview in Guangzhou because the wrong form had been filled out by my mother, our joint sponsor. We were given a form asking us to mail these things in, and I quote: I’m worried about the “original and signed” part. Does that mean my parents, who are in America, would have to send the signed pages in the mail to me, in China? Will they not accept scans I had printed out? This will set us back more time if I truly have to wait for her mail. Mail in my part of China is not particularly reliable, as well... Thanks in advance.
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