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  1. My apologies - yes, I meant Guangzhou. And thank you - I am at the beginning of what has been a very convoluted and frustrating process of getting my police certificate here (as I know many have experienced) so I wasn't sure what the end product will look like.
  2. Thanks, I'm actually interviewing in Shanghai, where I live. But, this does bring up the question, should I get my Chinese police certificate translated if I'm interviewing here? I notice you have China as your country on your profile! Thanks in advance
  3. Hello! I am in the process of uploading civil documents to NVC. Last year my husband got my birth certificate translated. It has a stamp date of translation from July 2019. I am wondering if I can upload the same translated document? Obviously my birth certificate hasn't change, but not sure if a translation done a year ago will result in an RFE? Like I said, this is probably a silly question...
  4. Hello everyone! I recently completed the DS-260. By my estimates, I should be expected to submit THREE police certificates: one from Chile, where I was born and raised, one from the UAE where I attended university, and one from China, where I currently live. Throughout my university period, I studied abroad in the UK (5 months), Hong Kong (3 months), and Italy (1 month). I listed all these addresses as I was living in those locations during different times. CEAC is asking me to submit police certificates for all three of these in addition to the places I've actually lived (see screenshot) However, according to the official webpage on travel.state.gov I should not be having to submit any of these as the time does not exceed a year, let alone 6 months, in any of those locations (see screenshot) Can I simply not upload them and upload a document for each of these police certificates explaining why? Or, am I SOL and have to get all of these (the Italy one blows my mind - I was there for 30 days only!!)?
  5. Thank you so much! That's what I was leaning toward. Unfortunately, it's impossible to get my police certificate to cover the entire stay as they only have records from when I officially became a resident, but I'll make sure to make a note of that when I submit my police clearance and explain it at the interview if needed.
  6. Hello! I am in the process of filling out the DS-260 form on CEAC. Since I filed my I130 in September, I realized that the dates I listed for the time I've lived in my current location (Shanghai) are wrong. While I landed in Shanghai in late September 2015, I did so on a tourist visa, which later was switched to a residence visa mid-October 2015. As such, my police clearance will only cover the time from when I was officially a resident. Although on my I130 I listed late September as the time I started living here, can I correct this in the DS-260? Or, should I just do it exactly as I did on my I130 and then explain why my police clearance doesn't cover my whole stay when I upload the document at the civil documents stage? Thank you in advance to anyone who can help here!
  7. Hey everyone! My husband and I are at the NVC stage and collecting all needed documents. I lived in the UAE (Abu Dhabi specifically) from 2011-2015. On the official travel.state.gov website, it says the PCC is only obtainable in person, but a recent update from the UAE government shows you can obtain it online. I am assuming I should go ahead and get it even if the official US gov website says it's unobtainable, but wanted to hear thoughts from others!
  8. To add on here - I also got approved on June 3rd. PD Sep 6, 2019, transfer from Texas to Vermont on February 23rd. Found out from our NVC welcome email, not from our USCIS account!
  9. Hi! Would either of you mind inviting me to the group as well? I can PM you my WeChat ID!
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