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  1. I saw this link in another thread that had timelines of other VJers. You can sort for Canada in the options below. https://bit.ly/2Sbo7eo See if that works for you.
  2. Oh ok sounds good. Were you the beneficiary or petitioner? And, is there an app? Or just a website with a login once you receive your case file?
  3. Can the G-1145 in an i-130 petition be filled out by either the beneficiary or the petitioner? Is the applicant/petitioner the same person on this form or do they mean beneficiary OR petitioner? Not a big deal but curious if the beneficiary is the one that can receive notifications/texts.
  4. Did you have to pay off your car entirely before importing it?
  5. Hi Everyone, I am the USC living and working abroad. In the i-864, Part 6 it asks who my current employer is and my current annual income. After some digging through the VJ archives, it still seems a bit unclear as what to write in these sections. Should I: 1) Write down who my current employer is but fill in $0 for current income? 2) Mark down unemployed and $0 income? If I go with option #1, do I need a letter explaining the situation or would the Consular officers understand I'm filing from abroad and the job won't be continuing. If I go with option #2, where I check "unemployed" it asks the date since I've been unemployed. I would have no idea what date to put in this section which makes me think option #1 is the best option for me. Any thoughts or advice on this?
  6. Yes, I mean type. And, yes, I know how to save a PDF file. Thanks for your answers.
  7. Here's another one then: My spouse's mother has no middle name. Should I write N/A or None in that section? Imagine they think her middle name is None lol? And I'm only half joking...
  8. I've gone through the forms entirely and filled out any information that is relevant to my case. Now comes the question of which ones to leave blank and where to write N/A or None. Here is an example from the I-130a for my spouse: Their last occupation outside of the US is listed above. Naturally, I would assume you can leave this section blank. However, is it necessary to write N/A? If so, am I expected to write N/A in just the first field or all fields? I don't want to overthink it but I remember when we were filing our CRBA for our child at the Consulate, one of the staff members called us back because we hadn't filled in the word "None" for the question about Names of Other Spouses. We both haven't been married before, so I assumed leaving that section blank would be obvious. I just want to be extra sure sending this off and avoiding delays. Thanks for any insight.
  9. santoki

    CAN>US. What to do about finances?

    I've been doing some reading on the situation and savings brought over to the US aren't taxed. It's only income earned outside the US that is taxed. However, Canada and the US have a reciprocal agreement, so if you're being taxed on income in Canada then you won't be taxed on it in the US. BUT that is only true up to a certain amount which I believe is ~$90K. Whenever I file my US taxes here in Canada, it's always $0 payable because my income is not high enough. And it's not all income taxed over $90K, it's just the amount earned over $90K that would be taxed. Consult with an accountant on that but that's what I remember mine telling me a few years back when we were obligated to first file. As for interest earned on a savings account, you'd be declaring that on your Canadian taxes so it would be declared on your US taxes but the amount is going to be negligible if $90K is the approximate barometer.
  10. Let's say you apply in November and are approved in April of the following year. When you send your documents to NVC, would they require the tax transcript for that year? Or, if your interview were to be in Feb/March, do they require that current year return? Just curious to see what's expected at either stage in regards to current year tax returns. Thanks!
  11. santoki

    Montreal Interview

    Does a copy of a US passport suffice or would you also need a copy of their certificate of naturalization (if they've been naturalized)?
  12. I think after a few hours of research you can forget how literal some instructions can be. I appreciate another set of eyes on this haha.
  13. I suppose I could throw in some car loan agreements or car insurance paperwork, but even that feels like overkill. I guess more evidence is better than less though. Thanks for the response.
  14. Hello, My spouse and I have been married and living in Canada for 7 years now. I know when we were applying for Canadian immigration, we had to have photos of the wedding, our time together etc etc. But, at this point, we have been married for 7 years and have a child together. For the I-130, we were planning on submitting our marriage certificate, birth certificate of our child, a copy of our joint lease agreement and a copy of our joint bank account statements. Beyond that, is it necessary to provide anymore evidence?