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  1. I got an notification from the app on Friday saying systems will be down this weekend. Also the case tracker app was all over the place this weekend, kept getting new updates notification but no real updates.
  2. Sorry guys, what's the difference between USCIS website and myuscis?
  3. Reading another thread about the police certificate requirements got me thinking: "If 16 years or older and living in another country for 12 months then that person needs a police cert from that country." What if that foreign person was over 16 years old and was studying in the US for 8 months on a student visa. No need for police cert. But that same person came to visit the USA multiple times on a ESTA years later, each time for about 2 months, so total including student visa and ESTA would be about 14 months.Do those ESTA time count?
  4. Thanks, is the code the 10 digit number along with the service center abbreviations in the front?
  5. do you guys get the noa2 approval notices via text, email, snail mail or the app case tracker first?
  6. Yep 2018 taxes are filed and current income is more than enough. Thank you.
  7. I've been reading up on the income requirement to file an i130 and we need to prepare 3 years of tax return. I've lived overseas the last few years, working for a foreign company and i have been filing US taxes. I moved back last summer and got a job here making over the required limit and I just submitted the i130. The lawyers I met with all said I am fine with the income requirement but what are your guy's experience or what have you read? Should I have gotten a sponsor? If so, do all US citizens who worked overseas for a foreign company need a sponsor if they file for an i130 only after moving and working in USA for less than 3 years? Also, there were a few comments about assets... Do the assets such as high bank accounts and properties help in this case?
  8. Good to know I have to create an account with USCIS!
  9. I'm assuming priority date is the receipt date right? If so, June 13th. I'm working with a lawyer and it's like prying teeth to get info. The website says they sent a receipt that describes the case and to follow instructions in the notice. Is this just normal verbiage or are there actually instructions I need to do at this stage?
  10. Interesting. I files from California so I hope it doesn't get transferred back here.
  11. If you're assigned to a service center, how do you get notified that your case is transferred to another center? I got assigned to the Texas center so I hope they don't transferred me to Nebraska. Also, I noticed California doesn't process US citizens petitioning for spouse. Is that correct?
  12. Greetings Texans, It looks like I'll be joining the Texas pool. I was bit worried about getting assigned the Nebraska, but when I saw the SRC it was a small relief. When you guys are talking about Noa1, is that the same as getting the receipt #?
  13. Yes, I sent two checks and both were cashed at the same time. Hopefully the other receipt number will come soon, they should be at the same service center right?
  14. I filed for my wife and step son and I received a cr1 receipt number. Anyone know if this receipt number is for one case or for both my wife and son? I submitted both at the same time. Thank you.
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