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    We met through a mutual friend. I first visited her in Thailand in January, 2016. She visited me in August for six weeks and returned to Thailand in October, 2016. She received a K1 visa in January, 2017 and has been here since February. We married in March.

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  1. Happened to be logged on to the USCIS web site to check on the pending N-400, so I checked on our pending I-751. Lo and behold, it was approved just today!
  2. The listing of evidence you provided so far is impressive and I'm honestly surprised USCIS is asking for more. In any event, the keyword in the sentence mentioning children is "may." As in, "...the evidence may include but is not limited to..." If you look at the list of recommended evidence (cut off in your photo) beyond what is listed for children, I'm sure you'll be able to find something additional that will help USCIS make a determination in your favor. Perhaps if you have life insurance, or some other commingled assets/accounts? I wouldn't recommend it right away, but now may be the time to start thinking about a lawyer if you continue to get RFI/RFE's as that has the possibility of putting your partner's immigration status in jeopardy.
  3. That seems unlikely and unusual. There are plenty of couples who've been approved without children. Are you certain that USCIS has requested that you procreate in order to obtain a 10-year green card? This is the first time I've seen anything like this on VJ.
  4. That's correct. Per USCIS: Once you start your form, we will automatically save your information for 30 days, or from the last time you worked on the form.
  5. Ain't that the truth! Already have my wife's application saved on the USCIS web site and ready to submit the day she becomes eligible!
  6. If you're a fellow LIN filer, please check out this Google Sheet we're using to track our cases!
  7. This seems plausible since USCIS doesn't seem to do much until prodded/prompted. If you're planning for naturalization, it makes sense to do it early since fees are going up soon! Given the state of USCIS today, that actually makes sense and is perfectly reasonable. (I'm being sarcastic.)
  8. Very good plan. We already have our online draft saved and ready to submit as soon as she's eligible (90 day early filing!). A nice feature of online filing is that your entries are saved for up to 30 days in draft. So you can work on the N-400 over time and don't have to rush through it in one sitting! It could mean that or it could simply mean the local office is handling the case and it may end up being approved without an interview. See the below excerpt from USCIS's "Workload Transfer Updates" page: We transferred some of the following cases from the Texas Service Center to various USCIS Field Offices: Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence That seems odd. If your 12/18-month extension letter is still valid, you should be able to travel legally, especially to Mexico! I'm not a lawyer, but the verbiage in that letter about not traveling feels off to me. Congrats!!!!!!! As others have mentioned, if you haven't been interviewed in the US already, you may need to go through the motions. Also, you may just be randomly selected for one. It sucks, especially when your evidence is robust (as you mentioned).
  9. My take is that if you plan to apply for citizenship at some point, it makes sense to apply as soon as possible so long as you have the money and are prepared to take the civics and English exam. Given the likelihood that USCIS fees increase annually, it'll just get more expensive the longer you wait. That being said, once you have a 10 year GC, you don't really need to make a decision until you hit the 10 year mark. You'll either do an I-90 to renew your PR status or make the jump to citizenship. Personally, my wife and I decided that it makes sense to apply for citizenship as soon as she's eligible since it gives her the flexibility to travel with me (mostly) visa-free along with a host of other benefits (voting, eligibility for federal government jobs, etc.) (By the way, we're LIN filers without any status update since "case was received" back in September of last year.)
  10. That's beyond frustrating; it's infuriating! But there's not much one can do but be patient and wait it out.
  11. Glad to see such a quick approval, but it's frustrating how uneven the processing times are between service centers!
  12. Thanks for the heads up! I found it. For any other LIN filers, here's the thread @Randyandyuni is talking about:
  13. No real updates on my wife's case since she had her biometrics taken in January. Case tracker still says "Case Was Received." Her case number begins with LIN, which translates to the Nebraska Service Center , I believe. Have any other LIN filers seen updates on their cases beyond biometrics?
  14. You don't need to do anything with it other than keep it with your files.
  15. My wife got her biometrics appointment letter on 10 Jan for an appointment on 23 Jan. Her case was assigned to the Nebraska Service Center (LIN).
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