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  1. Hi, I am a US Citizen (Derivative) already with a US Passport. I just need a Certificate of Citizenship because some processes like obtaining a Dual Citizenship from the Philippines requires a Certificate of Citizenship. I was wondering if I still have to submit my birth certificate and parents along with their marriage certificate. A bit of background about me: My parents and I were not born in the US. I automatically became a US Citizen when my mother naturalized. My dad was already US Citizen before my mother and siblings arrived in the US. Would sending them my US passport and parents Certificate of Naturalization suffice? Thanks in advance for your replies!
  2. I received a N-797C Rejection Notice for my N-400 (Application for Naturalization) stating that my payment was incorrect or has not been provided. I submitted I-912 (Request for Fee Waiver) along with my N-400 and no box was checked “For USCIS Use Only” whether fee waiver was approved or denied. No mention on N-797C as well, why I-912 was denied or if lacking documents. I believe the USCIS agent overlooked my I-912 which I even listed in my cover as being attached. As of now, I too am qualified for the means-tested benefit, not just my wife which she was only listed on the old form. Can I resubmit my N-400 with my old I-912 and a new one along with a check just in case it doesn’t get approved. I’m strongly confident I-912 will get approved since I have all the supporting documents. I’m just afraid to pay the new fee which is $1,170 since October is just around the corner so I can’t afford to mess this resubmission up for it to be rejected again. I will then end up paying the new fee. Thanks in advance for your input.
  3. I’m in the same situation. Filed October 2019, case ready for interview June 2020. I doubt your interview will be waived that is why your case is ready for interview instead of card in production which is the status you receive if your case was approved without interview.
  4. Got an email yesterday and my case is ready for an interview. I’m excited and nervous at the same time 😕
  5. My friend had a similar situation but she was the victim and her husband , US Citizen, was the perpetrator. There was still an open case against him. They went to the interview with their four children. Th officer first talked to their lawyer and without even initiating an interview, they were told to go home. They didn’t know what their status was and the lawyer said she needs find a way to drop the charges. She tried but it couldn’t be reversed. While waiting months, she finally got a her 10 year green card in the mail. Having children together is big proof that your marriage is bona fide. My other friend, he was awaiting Naturalization and with a criminal record of theft and he is now a US Citizen. I really advise you to hire a lawyer since your situation is complex.
  6. Anyone get an interview date or ready to be scheduled for interview yet?
  7. Strange, I never received status that says, “Fingerprint Review Was Completed”. Is there a way to check past status in Case Tracker?
  8. Based on the spreadsheet for MSC Service Center, 4-6 months total processing time.
  9. Update: received Biometrics Appointment letter November 8 and Biometrics completed November 18. One month and one day after my application was delivered. Not bad of a wait.
  10. I’m not sure if we’ll get an interview, but I was just basing it on what JessieABC said. But I guess it’s a good thing if we do, because those who were scheduled for an interview right away received their 10 year green card in approximately 6 months.
  11. Did your receipt number reflect the change? Maybe everyone who sent it to a Dallas, TX Lockbox starts with MSC.
  12. Our receipt number starts with MSC so that means we’ll need an interview 😕 Anyone here who sent in their I-751 to a Dallas, TX whose receipt number starts with something else other than MSC?
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