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  1. hehe. good know that. these laws are so confusing for a 'laywoman' like me.. lol
  2. Awesome. Thanks for that. I just saw some wording on county website and freaked out . i will share some screenshots with personal details masked.
  3. I have asked my husband to talk my attorney about these. I hope i dont have to have these while getting back to the country. But yes , lets hope i receive them asap.
  4. Thanks. This makes so much sense :). I will still take the letters thatmy sttorney sent me and print out docket entry from county records that show the traffic ticket charge was amended. btw if you google amending traffic tickets there are many articles showing that attorneys try to get the drivers record free by amending traffic tickets to nonmoving violation.
  5. Dont know what is your expertise or knowledge about the amended charges. but here is what i received from attorney today . he emailed me copies of e notification from the court and his own letter. In some time i will try to conceal peraonal details and upload the jpgs but for now here is some text from it. ( The record of traffic disp issued : The traffic Disp was sent electronically to DOR and/or MHSP for charge no 1 violation 302.020 -001 (and some numbers), -Failure to register Mt.Veh. The charge was diaposed as guilty plea. And my attorney's letter says this : " Dear Client, I filed a guilty plea on your behalf to failure to register a motor vehicle and paid your fines and costs. Enclosed is the documentation to verify that your charge was amended to Failure to register a motor vehicle. Your case is now concluded , file has been closed'. )
  6. i believe i have already explained this couple of times in this thread including the original post. In order to change from a moving to non moving violation to avoid having points on my drivers record. As per my attorney we are reducing the charge to a non moving violation by guilty plea to this. Otherwise it would remain as a speeding violation causing the points to be on my drivers record.
  7. yeah. Not DUI or DWI , just its a traffic ticket violation converted to misdemeanor B rsmo 302.020 conviction failure to register motor vehicle with 141.50$ fine. it was changed to a non moving violation to avoid having points on my drivers record.
  8. But this entire court case and deposition happened when i was out of USA. my attorney represented me and paid the fine. At this point all i can access is county website court case record details only. i dont have certified court deposition and police record documents with me right now. its in usa.
  9. Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question. I recently received my 10 year green card and i am in the USA for 3 and half years. and in feb 2018 i was given a speeding ticket citation. Me and my husband decided to retain a lawyer since we didnt want any points on my drivers record and this is my first ever speeding ticket. Meanwhile i also booked tickets to go to my home country on june 2nd 2018. some where in april my attorney told us that a hearing will be scheduled on june 6th and he will represent me in court will try to reduce the charges to misdemeanor etc etc. it was just a speeding violation. i was driving 16 miles more than the speed limit. so i came to my home country and today out of curiosity i checked the county court records and i have been convicted of Misdemenaor B rsmo 302.020 failure to register motor vehicle . With a fine of 141.50$. which is what i assume my attorney wanted since this does not add any points of my drivers record since its not a moving violation. However I am now concerned if i will be denied reentry or cause any type of deportation etc since its now become a Misdemenaor conviction. Is this a criminal conviction that can cause deportation ? what do you guys think? My return ticket is booked for late july. My online research shows i should be ok. But love to hear your opinions based on your experiences similar to this. Thanks! I have my family in Usa ,i just want to be with them!!
  10. Thanks so much for the tip! I checked the new dhs site ,and it says 'Card mailed'!. So all good :)))
  11. I received my approval letter and 10 year GC back in Feb 2018 but the online case status , still shows ' case was received '. I am travelling next month and this should not be a problem right? Has the online case staus remain un updated for any of you guys even after approval and receiving GC ?
  12. Sorry for all who are going through this. Thankfully mine has the correct date ,and was approved in feb 2018. My online status however still shows case received. whats going on this uscis, seriously annoying. I am planning a trip in june , i have approval letter and my new 10 year card , hope this unchanged online status wont create any problems for me. i just have 2 hr 45 minutes layover between flights after entering us on my return. Good luck to everyone who is dealing with this wrong date. Atleast you are approved , soon this will be fixed too.
  13. I received my approval letter and new 10 year gc like a month ago and my case status online still says 'case received'. lol