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  1. Didn't need medical. Took 5 minutes tops a interview just questioned our paper answers and said congratulations.
  2. Hey guys, Got my AOS interview on the 3rd of may, really excited BUT got a problem. I am a K1 visa holder who married their fiance in 90 days and submitted i485 shortly after. I didn't submit my vaccine record WITH my I485 package but I submitted it WITH my K1 Visa when I entered the USA. My history is this: - Medical exam overseas in Australia ( I have my completed Ds-3025, everything's good all positive and correctly filled out and signed) Feb 09 2017 - i485 started June 12 2017 (didn't send DS-3025 with I485) - i485 received June 27/2017 - I485 interview may 03 2018. So I submitted my medical with my K1 visa but NOT with my i485. It says that my DS 3025 is valid for one year after submitting my I485 (Completed and waiver signed that I had no problems, all my immunizations and was good health). So would that mean since I submitted my I485 IN the same year as my medical that was in my K1 Visa (5 months apart) it would still be valid for my exam on the 3rd of may 2018 even though my DS-3025 says it expires on the 09/30/2017? 1) You are not required to have another medical examination as long as you file your Form I-485 within one year of an overseas medical examination. Filed i485 in the same year as the overseas medical exam that was sent with my K1, didn't know if that means filed I-485 with MEDICAL or not? What has lead me to this confliction is does the 1 year trial start FROM WHEN THEY RECIEVE MY I485 AOS PACKAGE and if so is my DS-3025 still valid if the form itself says it expires on the 09/30/2017 or does that get ignored for the 1 year valid point thus being it would officially expire on june 12 2018? At this rate I feel like I should be safe to attend my interview with my DS-3025 which they should have for my K1 Visa just wondering if I should be comfortable about it or not. Or if I actually need a 693 form filled properly. Thank you so much in advance
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