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  1. that's great! good on you for being pro-active like that.
  2. The IO did inform me that their recommendations are often ignored, which was the case with both me and you. Sorry you had to cancel your trip but at least you'll be done soon!
  3. good luck and keep us posted. I had also requested a delayed (post labor-day) interview but they ended up scheduling it a week later. luckily the timing worked out better.
  4. I think it's the look of the draw with big cities. When did your oath ceremony get scheduled after all?
  5. Does your local office do same-day oath ceremonies? If not, you might not even be a citizen before your travel date. Either way, your only chance is trying to get an appointment for expedited service at a US passport agency. However, both the NYT and the WSJ have recently posted articles about how expedited service appointments are becoming more and more difficult to come by with some people even hoarding appointments and trying to sell them on reddit (!) so you will need to be flexible since getting an appointment even at 5AM might be becoming more difficult.
  6. The photo they take is used on your naturalization certificate.
  7. This varies significantly by local field office. I'm not sure there is much of a formal unless your local office does same day oaths. Your best bet is to look at VJ timeliness similar to yours and see now long it has been taking.
  8. Yes lots of us have US passport agencies give you same-day passports and I discuss how you can make an appointment (with proof-of-travel) in the Passports sub-forum:
  9. Appointment slots open up 13 days in advance, and that includes Friday appointments which become available starting the 13th day (ie Saturday) before the appointment. At least that was my experience last month!
  10. Oh wow Medicare? That seems a stretch even for USCIS! If your flight is on the 27th, you can make an appointment for the 22nd, 23rd, or 26th since these are all 3 business days before your flight. If I were you I would set my alarm for this Friday 7/9 at 4:55AM so you are ready to make an appointment for Thursday the 22nd, or get up on Saturday 7/10 to schedule an appointment for Friday the 23rd. Technically you can make an appointment for the 27th if your flight leaves late at night, but that would be cutting it too close for me! Good luck and do keep us posted.
  11. My specific airport (JFK) allowed walk-ins and I was flying out of the same terminal so I just dropped by after I checked in for my flight. The link below lists all the global entry centers for each state and will note if any of them require appointments. https://www.cbp.gov/travel/trusted-traveler-programs/global-entry/enrollment-centers
  12. one important thing I forgot: you should have your global entry card with you! You just hand that in with your passport and they set you up.
  13. It all depends on your local office. And from what I see, there doesn't seem to be a formula for how oath ceremonies are scheduled either. I would say look at the VJ timelines for folks in your field office and see how things play out. That's the best data we have.
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