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  1. The mail came...I didn’t include the biometric fee. I’m the real dunce here! Just to be extra careful: is it one check (680) or two separate checks (595+85)? I believe it’s just one but now I have to dig around to be sure. Thanks!
  2. Everyone seems to have received very quick responses. We filed 1/14 and nothing yet. Check also hasn’t been cashed. I’m getting nervous as we have a trip planned in April.
  3. We mailed on 1/14/19 tracked the arrival to the facility on the 16th and haven’t heard since (no electronic notice, nor check has been cashed). We too have a trip booked for April. I would love to know what everyone else might be doing. His GC expires April 7, so we have to get his passport stamped before we travel or else we just can’t leave. Hope we get some clarity soon!