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  1. That's cool, does your wife have any interesting insights to share? Methods to USCIS's madness Also, if she's working from home... Can she pull up your case? Why not just have her approve it 😂
  2. Have any of you submitted service requests? I did, I just got a standard reply (as I expected). I figured why not. It's frustrating, if they have stopped processing i-751s entirely I feel like they should let us know...
  3. Mine's exactly the same As of November 4, 2019, fingerprints relating to your Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, Receipt Number YSC1990413xxx, have been applied to your case My suspicion is YSC is not touching i-751s right now...
  4. I have seen 2 cases on Facebook that had no interview at AOS or ROC... at SRC center I believe. You never now...
  5. Hey all I am considering applying for citizenship when I am eligible next month. But my dilemma is I feel like my ROC is due for approval in maybe 3-4 months. My questions are 1) If my ROC is on track to be approved in 3-4 months, would the N400 push this back? 2) Would I be on an extension letter until a possible combo interview, or would a 10 year green card arrive before this? I am on the fence because I would like to have the physical green card, so am thinking about waiting a few months until I apply. But n400 is the end goal... Thanks, any advice is appreciated!
  6. That's pretty strange! I don't imagine it will have too much of an effect on your application(s), after all it was their error. It sounds like they're just going to send you a CF1 green card that has already expired... (the same dates as your current one). You might want to make a post elsewhere/search if it happened to anyone else. Keep us updated!
  7. I've seen someone on Facebook got approved at SRC, they say they had no AOS or ROC interview. It took them 9 months How is that possible...
  8. You're probably right... I think I saw an April 2019 filer whose case was transferred to YSC just got approved. That's the second YSC transferred case I've seen approved. But no original filers yet
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