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  1. Yes this is what happened for me. It seems like it's common to read a question and then they tell you the answer you have to write down. Probably not always the case though. There is a list from USCIS that shows common words for the reading and writing parts
  2. Officially a US citizen today! Interview and same day oath ceremony at Ft. Myers FL - Happy days! 

  3. Hi all, I'm officially a US citizen Went for my interview this morning, then afterwards they said they are scheduling me for an oath ceremony the same day. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't find out if Ft. Myers did same day ceremonies so I wasn't expecting it. Just 11 people in the oath ceremony. The schedule said they had video presentations etc but it looks like we skipped all that. The ceremony was very short. We sat down, read the oath, picked up our certificate and were pretty much done. Sounded like everyone in the ceremony had their interview that morning. Interview was very easy, Interviewing officer so relaxed. Filed under 3 year but she didn't ask anything about my wife. Just the civics and Yes/No questions Qs Current senator who vetoes bills who is in charge of executive branch Main concern during cold war Two national holidays Where is the statue of liberty Reading When do we celebrate Columbus Day Writing Columbus Day is in October
  4. Just checked and mine is showing the same - no documents tab
  5. Hey, I'm going for my interview at fort myers too, March 16th. I was confused because when I tried to search info on fort myers not a lot came up. Also on Google maps is looks like some strip mall/truck depot lol. Doesn't seem like many go there. I assumed I'd do my interview at Tampa cause I did my ROC biometrics there...
  6. Congrats all, looks like we're seeing some movement! Edit - didn't mean to quote sorry
  7. My interview notice was uploaded to the documents tab today Interview is scheduled March 15th
  8. Thanks, will do! Dying to know when it is, I better get studying!
  9. Hi all, I just got an email that they have scheduled an interview. Nothing in the documents tab though. Does anyone know if it appears online or through the post only? Thanks
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