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  1. Bio waiver notice: 3/9/19
  2. From what I’m gathering from most of the responses here, it is all about location location location. we moved from LA to Dallas for a year and we were miserable, and now that we are back in LA next to the beach we got our life back, I can’t imagine living anywhere else other than SoCal! sure it is more expensive but life is too short to live in a small town and harsh winter and be anything but happy. relocate! We are not trees.
  3. Marc_us82

    Relocation blues

    That’s me right now, California just has that special something that makes people wanting to go back.
  4. Yes he did and he perused it.
  5. Hey Album, I’m from Malaysia and I have applied for tourist visa before. I didn’t have an invitation letter, but I did bring bank statements and pay slips for proof of employment. And because my passport is full of stamps from various countries, they know I’m not a risk. Low refusal rate for Malaysia means your parents will have a high success rate for obtaining the visa.
  6. It is based on charts compiled by earlier filers, take a look at those who filed in Feb 2018.
  7. I was having the impression that we (CSC) are exempted from doing the biometrics.
  8. That is just so weird, they are always extra nice towards crew and welcome us back to the country. Which POE is this? I mainly come in through ATL, DTW, SEA, MSP, JFK and LAX. Sorry if I offended anybody with the peasant reference, that was just crew talk and is meant for giggles.
  9. I’m also a crew member traveling with the extension letter. I find it easier now than before because we can just skip the kiosk and go straight to the counter. We don’t wait in normal line like the peasants but the dedicated crew line. No problem with the officers either, it’s always a quick process and I even got ahead of other crew members using global entry.
  10. My NOA1 date is 7/11/18 if you could update it for me.
  11. Package delivered today, now I’m looking forward to that extension letter. GC expires 9/13/18.
  12. Are you a flight attendant? I still feel that the $680 is unnecessary expenditure, why make us pay so much just to remove condition?
  13. T Thanks heaps! If I can still use the crew line and bypass the general public I guess I’m all set!