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  1. I didnt see that post when i commented, but thank you ! I did a k-1 in 2016 and I’m shocked how delayed everything is this time of year !
  2. Hi guys! I have a friend that filed a k-1 petition in October 2017 and it's been exactly 4 more since his application was received and he has still not gotten NOA2. Where is everyone else in the process as I know that is extremely long wait time and don't know if everyone is being delayed or if his application has an issue?? On the case status it just says active. Thanks !!
  3. contact your state senator or congressman so they can inquire for you since you have waited well over the time period it takes to receive a response. they are usually very helpful and get a lot of answers for you (at least in my case)
  4. I see you interviewed at the same place as me. What did they tell you at the interview? Did they give you a letter that they have not come to a decision yet and will send you information later on after they review everything again?
  5. Have you started applying for jobs yet? Look at whatever full time jobs would be a good fit for that you have experience in, because you could get lucky and get a job offer to speed up your EAD! That's what my husband did, and we are forever grateful because I couldn't imagine how crappy he would feel to be unemployed for 90+ days, at home doing nothing the whole time, similarly to your situation.
  6. They lost my i-693 also and told me i may need new ones but i waited and after the interview was approved regardless so idk if they found it or not. I would probably wait and explain what happened because it’s actually supposed to be valid for one year and they should have your old one anyway.
  7. If your not getting paid to attend and it's just a conference I don't think it will matter to them.