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  1. But we definitely DID NOT send all documents, all bank statements, bills etc.. Just a good taste of all.. We wanted to show an overall picture, not every tiny detail every month unless they ask for it
  2. In addition to all newer lease, insurance, medical, dental and kids school related registtration/all meetings, and credit cards, bank etc, we sent marriage venue with pics, a child's baptism, new things done in around NYC from first few months here first, date nights, statue of liberty, harbor cruise, a couple plays, new cell phone purchase.. Things like that
  3. Yes, riding this boat... Cmon LIN, let's go
  4. It says it right on my uscis case status online. You were not informed properly. See attached screenshot. 751a is Feinstein a real number. You are right about biometric appointment. But if the extension letter and noa attached a minor, the A number would note it. Amen you call you have to ensure you speak to a tier 2. They also have to submit an internal form and you get a receipt number
  5. In my case that is incorrect. I thought that was the case but the minor children receive their own case number, and noa, and an extension as well. If you scroll up to earlier posts you will see related posts results of phone call to uscis...
  6. King, not to worry, everyone's opinion is valid and we all give our own viewpoint.. Your input is valued!
  7. Great!! Good to hear.. If you ask me, carrying your documents doesn't weigh much and won't cost you a dime but is cheap bit of insurance haha!!
  8. You are right, way too much silliness is attached, no question. In the end, we all have to do whatever makes us feel safe and secure. I kind of go by this thought process for my Wife and son.. https://www.cilawgroup.com/news/2017/03/01/immigrants-trumps-america-carry-immigration-papers/ This part stands out to me ... "many people do not know about it and have never encountered a situation where they had to present their immigration registration document to an officer. Until now! The last couple of weeks under the new administration have reminded immigrants that their status might be questioned. Again, we strongly recommend that green card holders should carry their original green cards and legal immigrants should carry at all times their Employment Authorization Document, I-94 card, passport with entry stamp, or other proof of lawful presence in the US. Although domestic transportation lines and law enforcement officers do not often ask for these documents, in many cases they have the right to do so. And if asked, a foreign national is supposed to have those documents with them" As a retired law enforcement officer I always worry about worst case scenarios... My two cents 👮
  9. The way I understand it "By law, permanent residents must carry a valid green card at all times" You will need the expired card and extension letter or a 551 stamp in your passport and you need to carry that. I know it is really overlooked but this day and age, I wouldn't want my wife to get pulled over or get caught up in some huge roundup. Even if at the end when ICE is called or on scene, and it is finally figured out, who wants to wait out a bad scenario that you could be possibly stuck in the middle of it. We live in trying times. I like to use my grandmother's old saying.... we are all fine until someone loses an eye.. 😂
  10. bigjailerman

    I-751 Filers - LIN

    I've shaka had csc before so I don't have first hand info... Didn't they just start sending 751s to Nebraska very recently? If that is true, penalties they have to start rolling again, in the past the had fervent numbers I thought. Hopefully by may we all get our biometrics. For ourselves we are gonna try walk in biometrics in Philadelphia, less crowded than NYC..might even worth a ride to Long Island as well to get rid of it..
  11. I caked this past Tuesday, they never sent out original NOA or extension. Now within 20 days we should get it... Fingers crossed. LIN isn't the quickest lol
  12. By any chance did you call to get her case number and request the NOA for her I751A? I just did that and we are waiting for the NOA asks extension.. We can't take him out of the country (or bring him back really). Without his expired green card and extension or a stamped passport..
  13. bigjailerman

    I-751 Filers - LIN

    Its good to know others are going through the same concerns!! Glad this page was created!