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  1. Hi JoJoJoJo. I was able to process my tax return using Turbo tax filing jointly and also excluded my foreign income based on tax treaty between Canada and USA.
  2. Hi everyone, I have immigrated to the US from Canada on Dec 23, 2017. I have CR1 visa. I have been researching about my situation whether or not I need to file tax for 2017. As CR1 visa holder, I believe I do. Do I simply file 1040? If so which one of 1040 form? Any advise would be appreciated.
  3. I didnt need his birth certificate either. In fact they only asked for a few original documents. I had way too many copies and originals of all documents!!
  4. Thank you everyone for the reply. I don't have my husband's original birth certificate with me....only the copy. Since I'm leaving for my trip to Montreal on Sunday, we don't have time for him to courier the original birth certificate. I'm not going to take the original and only take the copy. Hope that won't be a reason for AP.
  5. Hi everyone. I have an interview coming right up on next Tuesday at Montreal embassy... I'm wondering if I need to bring my husband's original birth certificate.
  6. miho585

    Medical Disk

    OK noted Nitas_man. Thank you for your advise!
  7. miho585

    Medical Disk

    Thank you both for the reply. I will bring the disk to my interview just in case.
  8. Hi everyone, I have my interview set st Montreal embassy on Nov 28. I went to Vancouver and had my medical done last week. The result of medical came with the disk. Can anyone tell me if I need to take this disk to my interview? Bringing the disk is not on the list of what I need to bring for the interview.
  9. miho585


    Hi CL1985. Here is my timeline; May 31 - Submitted all of my documents to NVC July 21 - Received RFE for my Canadian PR Card Aug 8 - NVC received the copy of my Canadian PR Card Sep 22 - NVC Completed my case Oct 19 - My interview date was assigned for Nov 28 NVC says it takes about 2 months to process all documents, but it really has been about 6 weeks. Hope all goes well with your process!!
  10. Hi everybody, Hoping that somebody can answer to my confusion. I have an interview coming up in Montreal next month. In the checklist of what to bring to my immigrant visa interview, the original or certified copies of birth certificates for each child of the principal applicant (even if he or she is not accompanying) is required. My husband who is a petitioner for my case has a son. His son is my step-son. Do I need to bring his birth certificate to the interview?