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  1. Toronto2017

    Not qualified for I-864W

    I called NVC again this morning and asked to speak to a supervisor. After going through my forms and SSA statement, he surprisingly admitted that the other department made a mistake and told me to resubmit my Form I-864W. He also mentioned that cases like mine are not something that they encounter everyday. Some of the agents were not trained on it. I guess I'll wait and keep my fingers crossed to see what NVC will throw at me next.
  2. I was petitioned by my wife who is a US citizen. I-130 was approved and we are at NVC. I worked in the US for about 13 years under H-1B and a previous greencard. For this reason, I have more than 40 eligible quarters under the Social Security Act. I think I'm qualified to fill in I-864W myself instead of having my wife fill in I-864. I submitted I-864W and a statement from Social Security Administration to CEAC that clearly shows that I am eligible to receive Social Security benefits. For some reason, they came back and said that I'm not qualified for I-864W and that my wife will have to fill in I-864. I called NVC twice today trying to explain my situation. Those folks at NVC don't have a clue. Does anyone have any suggestion on how to deal with this? It's just so frustrating that the people working at NVC do not understand their on AOS rules.
  3. It is very possible that both of us were wrong and I apologize for that. I trust that everyone who has ever visited this forum came to get additional information about Nebraska or help to answer some questions about someone else's case. It is just unconscionable that someone would purposely spew out fake information just to get a kick.
  4. I don't know why but you sounded so fake.
  5. Congrats! All the best with the rest of the process.
  6. Haha.. Mickey Mouse We are going nuts over this process and we are thinking about plan B. Maybe we should just stay put and get our sanity back.
  7. I saw an approval with PD of Feb 14th. It seems like Nebraska skipped many people again. Sigh sigh.........
  8. I noticed a case right next to mine was sent an RFE on Nov 6th. My PD is Feb 8th. I guess there are working on early Feb now.
  9. Welcome to the club. We thought we would have had everything done by now. We were so wrong! You never know, you could be the lucky one
  10. This is good news despite the long wait. At least you know they are going to do something about your case. Hope you will hear something soon. Hang in there!
  11. Hi acidrain. I think your approval is in the mail since your son already got it. Maybe it's the snail mail.
  12. We are in the same boat. We are married for almost 12 years with 2 American citizen kids. We are not able to plan for anything because you never know when Nebraska is going to put their act together and approve the damn application. It's so frustrating.
  13. yep.. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spinachsoftware.immigration.uscis.casestatus&hl=en
  14. Ok. That makes sense. My PD is Feb 9th. I got this alert from the app. It seems like they are processing Feb 9th now.
  15. I can understand your frustration. I know it might not matter now but why didn't your son get his citizenship directly through your husband?