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  1. No one is shooting down your idea, people are merely telling you the reality of your plans. I posted a similar question last month I think. I understand It’s disheartening to hear “it’s impossible” and “accusations” from people who reply, especially when you are genuinely trying to give someone a better life. But the VJ responses I got, same as what you’ve received here, offered the reality of our adoption plans. Ignore the “accusations” don’t take it personally, they’re just explaining the process and how the US will look at our case. Here’s a link to my post. I don’t know if same rules apply to your sibling, but go through it. It gave me plenty of answers. Good luck!
  2. Honestly that’s one of the many huge walls in my situation. As I answer your question right now, I cannot.
  3. Exactly. This whole court case is much more complex than I am willing to say publicly. It’s not simply an abuse “claim”, everything has been formally filed in the court and it’s moving along. I honestly see no loopholes in the court case. Adopting and migrating options are what we are looking at since filing the case. Not the other way around.
  4. Oh yeah. People here are amazing. I never make any immigration decision without referring to this forum. Thanks, I appreciate that. I took care of her since she was a baby, no father, but me, my parents and siblings took over and showed her unconditional love. I would do anything for her.
  5. I probably should say, terminated is a better term to refer to her parental rights, due to a child abuse case. Father is not listed on the birth certificate, they separated way before my sister gave birth.
  6. Probably? I feel like it's more somebody from a "poor" situation was able to migrate to the US, live a better life and would like to bring their niece/nephew to offer the same life. I have seen same questions from a latin country (I forgot which one). My niece is a victim of child abuse by her own mother and her partner (case is ongoing). I feel she can finally have stability in her life if my husband and I adopted her, and if she lives with us here. Every decision we make, we prioritize my niece's well-being. So yeah, I'm not just taking her away simply to migrate here.
  7. Yeah I've read those threads too. I would never consider adoption nor immigration if there was an ideal guardian in the Philippines. Currently, there is her grandmother (my mother)--who is amazing caregiver, but has her limitations. I'm planning for the long term, while my niece is still very young. But yeah, it's still ideal to provide for my niece even if it's long distance. I have zero plans of petitioning my sister. We have a strong child abuse case against her and partner. A result is her parental rights nearing to be terminated.
  8. Oh yeah for sure. I posted here seeking answers and that’s what I got. This is a life-changing decision for us so it deserves a thorough research. Thanks
  9. That’s a very good point. Definitely something huge to consider. Thanks.
  10. Thanks for all replies everybody. I welcome all advice. I appreciate everything and ya’ll are showing me some realistic expectations—which is exactly what I am looking for.
  11. Right, I did read a strenuous process under the Convention. She is 6.
  12. Really? It’s just different from what my immigration lawyer told me. Would you mind explaining why? I never caught that. Thanks.
  13. Yeah I understand the complexity (like everything) of each process. I have talked to lawyers here and in PH. I’m trying my best to research on my own too. That’s one thing I keep seeing in this forum though, that adoption does not automatically guarantee immigration. Would you mind expounding on that?
  14. No, but my sister’s parental rights will soon be terminated and *possibly will be turned over to me. I’ve previously lived with her for 3 years before migrating here. *I say possibly because I’m still studying all options before I can fully commit.
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