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  1. TSC filer. I just received an update on my case with RFE. Filed - December 17th, 2018 NOA - January 2019 Biometrics - November 6, 2019 RFE - April 30th.
  2. So I just checked Texas SC processing time and it show that they are processing cases as of September 21st 2018, when yesterday it was showing they were processing cases as of June 29th 2018? Also instead of 14.5-19.5 month of waiting period it says now it is 15-17 months. Do you guys think it's a glitch? I hope its not and if so these are some good news for Texas SC filers.
  3. I got my Biometrics done on November 6th. This morning my status changed to fingerprint review was completed as of nov 6th. Texas Service Center.
  4. I got a mail about bio appointment as well for November 6th. Tx service center.
  5. Hey, everyone. I'm new here. My name is Sasha, Texas Service Center. Here is my timeline for I-751: 12/20/18: Case was received by TSC (SRC) 12/29/18: Received NOA1 05/21/19: Received a NOA, Form I-797C. Biometrics will be reused, no need in appointment.
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