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  1. I just received a case status update letting me know basically in one email that "They are still reviewing my case at this time and that they will let me know if anything changes or there are any updates - the last time they reviewed my case was August 1". Has anyone received an update like this in the last month? There was no update online just an email from USCIS.
  2. that is true with regards to the waiting time for a biometrics appointment. I am not sure about the interview - you will have to check on your local office waiting times as some people can wait for over a year for an N400 interview, and others a few months.
  3. There are some instances where they schedule a joint I751 and N400 interview but I've also read that people have not received approval for N400 whilst I751 is pending. There have been others who asked the actual officer to look into it at their interview and they came back with their supervisor and was able to send the oath letter a few days later. Really a toss up!
  4. We moved shortly after filing (I could have waited until after the move to file but didn't want to waste any more of the 90 day period beforehand). We submitted a service request for the NOA after a month of waiting and then they forwarded my old NOA and then sent another one by mistake. I was hopeful it was going to be a biometrics letter but no such luck!
  5. It was only copy of the previous NOA extension letter that they sent a month ago
  6. Hey Guys, i just checked my USPS informed daily digest and I will be receiving a letter from USCIS California Service Center today. Since I’ve got my NOA, it might be a biometrics letter. I’ll keep you all posted. There are no updates online.
  7. It is a toss up - I have read that some people had their I751 and N400 interviews combined and then others had their I751 interview and were then asked to wait for N400 processing. I'll go ahead and file for N400 when the 90 day period opens up next June - my local office which is San Antonio is taking 4 months to process N400's so I might get lucky with a combined interview.
  8. Hi All, I have been dormant for the last two years since I got my conditional green card approved. I filed my I751 for removal of conditions on June 13, however my situation was a bit different. I moved shortly after sending the package through and then had all of my mail forwarded (I moved to Texas). I called USCIS several times after sending the package and was finally able to get my receipt number (on June 26) and file an AR11 using that number to change my address. Only last week, did I receive my 18 month extension letter which the California service center had kindly forwarded to my Texas address (USPS returned it to them as undeliverable as a result of mail forwarding being set up). I am now in for the long wait and can't wait to file for citizenship in just over 10 months. Is anyone else waiting for the time slot to open for citizenship filing?