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  1. Looks like Kenya is the country of origin from OP s profile. expect heavy scrutiny. How long was he divorced before remarrying you ?
  2. Is there a good template for an affidavit for friends somewhere ? to submit with ROC Thanks We have plenty of financials, family pictures from holidays, insurance et al. Are the affidavits helpful ?
  3. i do not think specific embassies can decide that. Co sponsor is a USCIS thing, not a particular country thing
  4. How did you not know all this when you started the process? I researched and saved cause I knew my wife would not be able to work, Process is written down in black and white before you set foot in our country
  5. jdaveh

    Chinese gifts

    your profile says you are from china ?
  6. How much have you been out of the country ? Percentage of time outside US borders ?
  7. there was an etc after that. I was speaking generally. However $1000 a month of expenses for a couple is not a ridiculous amount. Not to mention the fare here, the upcoming AOS, ROC etcetera fees. Married couples pay an average of $717 in annual premiums. They also have an average deductible of $8,113 This is an expensive process I wasn't trying to tell them not to do it, just trying to make a fellow VJer aware of what was coming up. Sorry if you disagree but I was being realistic. My wife and I planned and planned and saved before we took this step and it was still difficult to maintain budget Is beneficiary young? What will auto insurance cost ??? Please do a little math and get a realistic number of what your minimum living expenses will be and discuss it with your fiance/spouse before the big step )))))
  8. No reason to deny, but they will want lots of chat records etc. I wish you guys the best but what is your income situation ? you do realize that once here you will be spending at least 1000 a month on health insurance, etc for the 4 to 8 months before you will even be able to work, as well as all the immigration fees that will be coming up. If you think scraping together 2000 was tough, maybe you guys should wait until you have some savings before taking this step
  9. Congrats ))) The embassy in Kyiv has good days and bad days. My now wife was asked to get a new police certificate and pass it through the guards outside, completely wrong and no way it would work. I had to send a very carefully worded email to the embassy asking for the proper paperwork to get it delivered by a courier. All worked out but she was completely upset and confused and I was in the air on my way back from Kyiv.
  10. jdaveh

    NVC Case number received!!

    It took 10 days from case # issue to Ukraine Embassy. Then 2 months for interview.
  11. jdaveh

    RFE - IMB - Help Plz

    I think the biggest thing is whether or not the website sends you personal contact information. My wife and I met on a dating site, when we disclosed this in our "explain how you met" we said we met on _______ site., after chatting there we decided to share our personal email addresses. Even though it was not a IMB, we still sent in a printed copy of the terms of service
  12. jdaveh

    RFE - IMB - Help Plz

    "The World's No 1 Indian Matrimonial Website with over 5 million Marriages, Shaadi.com is trusted by over 35 million for Matrimony." From the companies website, they are an IMB. HOw did you get his o r her personal information ? If the broker gave it to you, you will need letter.
  13. Can you send picture of what she has ? DO you have actual AP card or just the papers from filing ? My wife's was a combo card, both AP and EAD. I think this is what may be confusing people.
  14. I was being sarcastic, ( quote the whole post)lately everyone here seems to be bitching about the process. I think my wife and I were lucky it went so fast. Of course, we quadruple checked everything, sent all the required evidence, all rock solid.. We still had a strange experience of case worker at consulate asking my wife to drop off a piece information at the front gate of the embassy. ??? without issuing a 221. I promptly got on the phone and computer and requested a 221 form because that seemed wrong. Had to be careful not to piss anyone off too or denial ))) I, too; think they are doing a great job in a difficult task. We see so much here (VJ) that leaves me scratching my head. I am sorry the OP is in a difficult situation and some of you are having such a long wait. Wishing everyone a speedy end to the process but glad there is a difficult process
  15. Yes, it will hamper him coming here. Unless you can prove you are able to support him. He cannot file for disability here. You may find it very difficult to add him to your insurance too as he has a pre-existing condition. Will you be able to add him to your health insurance policy? You may want to check into that as adding spouse can be very expensive with some plans.