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  1. Do you think having a copy of my marriage cert will help?
  2. Hi everyone - due to a family emergency I had to book a ticket to the UK for the next day. Although I naturalized in April, I never got around to getting my US passport, so Im having to travel on my native passport which features my maiden name. I brought my naturalization certificate and my drivers license (both have my married name, which matches my reservation). When I checked in, the lady mentioned that TSA may not let me through because my passport does not match my reservation - but they just looked at my license and let me through, and I am currently waiting at my gate to board. The problem is I am nervous about coming back home in a week. My passport features my maiden name, I have my naturalization certificate with me, and I forgot my marriage cert (but I found a scan of it on my email on my phone). Do you think I should anticipate a problem getting back home next week? Thanks for any and all advice - I entered the US on a K1 visa in 2016 and never left the country because I never wanted to encounter a situation where I got locked out….so I am literally sitting her nervous as hell because I forgot my marriage cert at home. Thank you!
  3. I filed late August 2021- interviewed Jan 12 and took the oath on April 13. When I passed the interview I thought that in 2 weeks the oath ceremony would be scheduled but I waited a good two months (a little over) to receive my oath ceremony date. Seems there’s a bit of backlog to get everyone properly sworn in, on April 13th we were told that it was the first in person oath ceremony since covid….the crowd was massive.
  4. Its possible, I brought my dog to the US when I came over on the K1 visa 5 years ago. Microchipping and vaccine records must be up to date. Double check with the airline you intend to fly with to make sure you are compliant with their regulations. Once landed the pet also needs to be registered locally in the US. Good luck!
  5. It went well! They said it was the first in-person oath ceremony since the pandemic began, so as you can imagine there were a LOT of people (like 1500 people). The ceremony itself was about 30 mins but what took hours was waiting to get into the building, processing upon entering, and collecting the certificates when leaving. It was kind of an organizational nightmare but we made it. Lol! And just such relief that it is all over. But as always there’s things to do : now to get on with the SSN updates and passport applications. The neverending paper trail. Lol
  6. Hey guys, my oath ceremony is tomorrow and Im feeling so many different emotions as I finally approach the end of this journey. VJ has been a safe space for me for the past 6 years - I always knew I could find comfort and solidarity from the people on the forums. It was always a relief to know that I was not alone. I wanna thank you all for all youve shared and continue to share to help someone else….it really is appreciated. And good luck to whomever is still in the process - there is light at the end of the tunnel….just hold on a little bit longer! See you guys in the American wilderness thank you thank you thank you and I wish you all the best.
  7. Nope no news. Status still says oath will be scheduled. Im very antsy about all of this - i dont know why its taking so long.
  8. Yeah I checked it….i havent gotten anything…no letter there either. Its been 3 weeks now since my interview…
  9. Does anyone know how long it takes to receive the letter with the oath ceremony date after a successful interview? I passed my interview a little over 2 weeks ago…I was hoping to have received something by now. Is this normal?
  10. Guys its been over 2 weeks and I havent gotten my oath letter - how long does it usually take to receive after a successful interview? Is this normal?
  11. Thank you! I actually got my mother in law to turn her house upside down and find the original birth certificate. But even though I took a folder full of all my originals….I wasnt asked to see a single document….not even one. At least I was prepared!
  12. Sharing an update that i passed my interview today! Thanks so much for all help and advice. Awaiting the oath ceremony notice now!
  13. My interview is on wednesday….so no time to get that. I am hoping that the copy of his birth certificate and his passport should be enough.
  14. I’ll take his passport with me although its expired!! Hopefully none of that is an issue. Thank you!
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